Using Your Inner Compass (Talk at ConvergeCon 2020)

How to Create Meaning and Beauty Even During Times of Personal or Global Challenges

Sunday April 5, 2020
12:45 – 2:20pm Pacific Time
with Little Woo
Part of ConvergeCon 2020 (happening online during the lockdown)

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Everyday, we are bombarded by constant news and to-do lists that leave us tired, anxious and overwhelmed. Yet somehow, many of us can still feel the calling to create something beautiful and meaningful. As we feel the struggle between our survival self and our soul, we must make small and large decisions that will either suppress or express our values and authentic self.

In this seminar, we will look at 5 types of expression that are crucial to our deeper purpose and well-being. This framework will give you some healing tools to work through your fears and activate your great spirit.

Little Woo developed this framework through the last 5 years of her private coaching practice, 10 years of group workshops and a lifetime of personal practice.

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