Reconnect With Your Loving Self

If you are multi-passionate and love to learn, yet overwhelmed by many ideas or choices, I will help you focus on the most meaningful path of all:  the path of Love.

Instead of striving to "be, do or have all the things" in order feel fulfilled, you will learn how to embody the spirit of Love as your primary purpose.  You will discover how to summon decisions, dreams and resources from a place of love, rather than from fear.  You will develop your talents, skills and creative energies as expressions of love, not as evidence of your value.

Instead of trying to get important things done in order to feel loved, if we can feel love first, the important things will get done.

In the two signature programs (Love At First and The Inner Compass), you will connect with your worthiness and love so that you are not reliant on external conditions or achievements.  To feel happy, you will not need the perfect health, home, relationships or career. And yet, this happiness will also bring many wonderful opportunities, people and paths to you.

In our time together, you will develop a deeper understanding of yourself and others.  You will practicing releasing judgment, fear or self-doubt by approaching your strengths and challenges with a Growth and Compassion mindset. You evolve not because you are broken, but because you are a creative being.

As you transform your inner world, you will transform your outer world.

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I wanted to gain more clarity around my life purpose and career. This program has helped me to re-frame narratives in my life so that I now feel more empowered and confident. I feel as though I have integrated so many shadow aspects of myself that I was too afraid of seeing and understanding before - or even unaware of. I've released many blockages and illusions that were holding me back from following my dreams and believing in myself. I have healed wounds from my past which allows me to feel more present in my life. Little Woo left me with a deeper understanding of who I am and what I want to express in this lifetime. ~ Veronica Paiva, Artist, Explorer, Mystic

This program provided a framework for me as I got clearer about my sacred path through life. The concepts are structured and presented in a way that is easy to digest, apply and remember. I've begun engaging more fully with my fetishes (interests) and my sense of wonder in the world. I took some big leaps, from updating my computer system to diving back into learning piano, and have been growing as a teacher. I really appreciate Little Woo's deeply compassionate take on life and approach to her students. It's clear she is walking her own sacred path, and this ripples outward and touches other hearts deeply. ~ David Yates, teacher, dancer, didge player & musician

I value the excellent coaching you provide, creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable to share and be vulnerable. I have a greater ability to express my purpose and my core idea about life. I continue to learn and notice how hard I am on myself. I feel like I am moving closer and closer to true unconditional acceptance as I peel away the layers of conditioning, criticism and expectation, and spend more time listening to intuition and love's teachings. Between the wonderful group shares, the entertaining and comprehensive lesson slides, the occasional artistic performances, the great breakout room topics and the wonderful missions in between sessions, I can't think of anything to improve! It was fantastic. Thank you.
~ Ingrid Morse, Empowerment Coach

I started the program feeling unmotivated and lost, kind of swimming in a fog. Over the 12 weeks of the program, the fog began to lift. I could see where I’ve been and where I want to go. I began to take small steps. I was hired for a new job by a non-profit organization in the final week of the program. After languishing in uncertainty for over a year, this will be my first paid work after graduating with my masters. It feels like a big step and definitely a landmark in my life! I know this program and Little Woo helped me to navigate through my uncertainty, be courageous in naming my truth and shaping my choices into ones that are inspiring to me. I love how Little Woo thinks and sees people. Her worldview is so poignantly, powerfully beautiful yet so very rooted in reality. It was a powerful and significant leap to go from a cynical worldview to one of beauty and love - I don’t ever want to go back! Thank you for this sacred offering, Little Woo.
~ Linden, Expressive Arts Therapist, MA in Counselling Psychology

Though I was concerned about sharing my vulnerable aspects with a group of strangers and the regular time commitment, my goal was to try a new approach to healing and commit to this 3-month program. I valued the open sharing and listening of each member of the group, and really appreciated Little Woo's respectful and loving guidance. There was playfulness, inspiration, deep thoughfulness and care between all of us. I reconnected to my love of drawing and expressing my creativity in this simple and direct way, very different than the large projects I usually do. I am inspired to explore my family of origin and other experiences through metaphorical drawings and mixed media as a healing practice. Many thanks again for being such an amazing facilitator and guide!
~ Naomi Singer, Artistic Director, Secret Lantern Society

Little Woo has been absolutely brilliant from start to finish. She encourages deep discussion whilst providing a space of non-judgement and safety. I valued the group setting and the interactions/story sharing.  She has a very supportive and calming presence, twinned with a deep inner wisdom which really helps others to clearly see and address their issues, and overcome them. I've learnt to put myself first and not feel guilt or shame for doing so. Taking on the course has been a life-changing experience. Thank you Little Woo! ~ Emma Cowles, educator, UK

I highly value Little Woo's leadership, compassion and capacity to transmit deep humanity through her facilitation. The incredible in-depth approach and quality of this program surpassed my expectations. I am enchanted and deeply enhanced on my own quest. The program has brought me clarity on many aspects of myself and my life that were dormant or hiding. It's taught me a lot about myself and rekindled my knowing about my biggest skills and qualities. Realizing again that my sense of unworthiness and belief that "I stand alone in the shadows" are untrue and unfounded. I am making decisions that have been brewing for a long long time but I was too scared and paralyzed by the magnitude of the implications. Infinitely grateful for your patience and compassion with me Little Woo. ~ Celia Auclair, designer, Vernon

Little Woo has an immense talent for taking complex human qualities (like respect, empathy and passion) and creating processes that allow her students/clients to understand and increase them. The kind of qualities that influence a person's work productivity and happiness and their ability to function well in teams. Like an Olympic coach who can break down the tiniest movements to help the athlete produce gains, Little Woo has the ability to coach you into being a happier, healthier and better person and that kind of gain shows up in all areas of your life from relationships to career.
~ Karen Falkenspence, Web Designer and Owner of Sunlight Insight

When I bump up against certain stumbling blocks, I ask: What would Little Woo do? Pulling out tools from her toolbox helps me live more consistently from a place of love instead of fear. The courses gave me an opportunity to reframe questions in novel ways. Often, my favourite part was watching Little Woo in action - her process of thinking and teaching as well as the content - which is why I find benefit from attending repeated sessions. The community that forms around her teachings is also a central delight.  The classes level-up my ability to articulate my deeper voice and dreams. I now find more joy in savoring moments, with gratitude and confidence for my authentic expression. Of all the ways I have encountered her love, the twinkle that most stands out is her contagious kindness. ~ Jillian Deri, PhD, adjunct professor, researcher, author

Because of Little Woo’s courses and her innate gifts as a coach and teacher, I now actually understand what true compassion feels like and can easily access it. Her workshops were also a catalyst for me in developing my ability to recognize when I’m self sabotaging and have the tools to deal with it. I credit Little Woo’s courses in helping me recognize and release old patterns and fears I had around love. Barriers which before had me leaving relationships- even the good ones. I now flourish in love and can enjoy with my partner the gifts that love has to offer.
~ Meredith Nicole, entrepreneur

So much more than a mentor and a teacher, Little Woo taught me many lessons that shaped who I am today. With her encouraging me and being my biggest cheerleader the whole way, I have produced four of my own conferences, become an activist and started a consulting business teaching diversity and inclusion. She has this magnificent ability to bring out your true passions - ones you didn't even realize! She has been one of the most impactful and positive influences on my life and I highly encourage you to find out more yourself! ~ Kale Gosen, Co-founder of Humanize Consulting, Equity & Diversity Educator

As always, wonderful and transformative. I think what I love the most about these courses is that Little Woo offers practical applications that we can use in our lives, then asks us to do them. I’ve done a lot of homework in my life, but none that has such a profound effect on how I live my life than what I have done for her classes. Plus, the sharing in a group is really effective. It really concretizes the work that we’ve done, it creates community, it brings up possibilities that you may have thought of but didn’t want to share or didn’t think of and would like to work on. Most of all, the sharing builds loving-compassion for the people in the circle and for all, as we learn that we are not alone in our humanness. Having said that, I am most impressed at the safe container Little Woo creates for sharing quite intimate thoughts. I’ve offered bits of myself in these groups that no one else has heard and yet I never once felt compromised. Marvelous!
~ Erin Melvin, Learning & Development Specialist

Little Woo's courses are the right combination of head and heart. In taking these courses I have learned once again to PLAY and in doing so became unstuck. I am once again Mookie the Magnificent standing proudly in my truth.
~ Paul Stewart, Banker/Entrepreneur, Curious Catalyst & Possibility Gardener

I thoroughly enjoyed the course - its playfulness, its wisdom, its layout and its missions. Little Woo is an excellent facilitator; she holds space, she offers knowledge in an inclusive and inspiring way and she's real. The tools we learned helped me in daily life and I began to notice changes in both my mental and physical realities instantly! I love magic! ~ Veronica Vukusic, Yoga Instructor / ESL Instructor

These courses have helped me ground myself in my path and see things at a more tangible level. I have started to feel the magic of accepting the natural guidance of the universe in my body. The principles we learned are both profound and practical, something I really appreciate. To see Little Woo living it as truth is healing in itself and so powerful. ~ Lianne O'Neill, Vancouver BC

I wanted to thank you again for these powerful workshops!!! You are such a talented facilitator on so many levels. I am honoured to know you, and appreciate your wonderful words of wisdom and fantastic exercises. I just love how you break down any topic and find the important parts to focus on. There is a kind of inner magic that you possess and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience what you offer. A big thank you! ~ Sahara Exodus, Shamanic Priestess

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