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I would be delighted to do this Soul Work with you!

This is a journey of self-realization:
Know your higher purpose and true self with peaceful confidence.
Understand your life patterns and teachings with compassion.
Utilize your strengths, challenges and gifts in this lifetime.

Details below about the 2 coaching options!

If you have questions about coaching that aren't answered below,
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4-Week Journeys

Receive guidance and support around an immediate goal, situation or decision

What can I do in this situation?
How can I create some peace or healing?
What is the best choice to make?

If you feel stressed or overwhelmed around an immediate decision or situation, I am here to serve as your trusted confidante and counsel.  I will review your situation with all its layers and complexities to help you find the highest mindset in order to heal, make a decision or take necessary action.

*This 4-week series is meant to provide you with support around an immediate need or situation.  For more in-depth transformation around your healing, goals and personal growth, I recommend the 90-day series (see below).

Individuals, couples or groups are welcome. We will have 4 virtual sessions (meeting on a weekly basis by video chat) to focus on a specific goal, decision or situation in your life.


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Package & Standalone Fees

If you have questions about coaching that aren't answered here,
feel free to email me at

90-Day Coaching Program

Love at First Program 
Embodying Love as Your Life Purpose

Most people feel the need to “do more, be more or have more” because they want to feel safe, worthy and loved.  And yet, if we can embrace our inherent worthiness and love as the first step, then all things will come from this state of being.

In this 90-day coaching program, we will cultivate your connection to Love as the ultimate purpose. You will discover how to be in a state of love without relying on external conditions like having the ideal health, body, home, partner, family, friends or job.

You will be able to transform judgments, fears and doubts into genuine compassion and awe. This state of love changes how you experience life and benefits you plus all those around you.

What happens inside of us shapes the world outside of us. As you integrate new levels of awareness and compassion, this will activate new opportunities, experiences and choices in your life. Love is everywhere; once you know how to find it within.

If you have never worked with me before, I invite you to book a complimentary 45-minute session to see if this program would be the right fit for you.

In this complimentary 45-minute session, be prepared to:

1) Assess key areas of your life to see which needs are most pressing right now.

2) Explore how you can apply a growth mindset around those needs.

3) Explore how we could work together in support of your growth.

Email me at to book your session!

The coaching has seen me through one of the greatest transitions of my life: from feeling trapped, burnt out, and stuck, to an ongoing adventure of free exploration and constant surprise. I was fortunate to encounter this coaching just when I needed it most. This huge life transition required a profound change in world view and daily practices to become more conscious and free. Little Woo's groundedness and conscious awareness means that we can cover an almost infinite range of issues (from heavy to light) without judgment and without losing perspective. Most importantly, it's given me some great lessons, tools and practices for daily life, decision-making tools, different frames through which to view challenging situations, plus a sense of connection to the 'magical human' community, including the joy of being able to 'give back' to others in my daily life the same inspiration and encouragement I received. It's invaluable to learn from someone who has spent their life exploring freedom and magic, and also to have someone to report to regularly, to share the journey without judgment.
~ Patrick Riley, Montreal

Oh Little Woo, you are a deep pool of compassion - I most value that I always feel safe with you even in the very painful moments. Also, your materials are so very helpful and I know I will use them in the future to my betterment. I recall having apprehension about the Sacred Mode work because I didn't think I would be able to describe that part of me - that maybe it didn't exist. You made it easy and enjoyable. I came out feeling that I not only understood myself better, but had something beautiful inside me that I could now access. I love how you drew out the nuances in my challenges and strengths. I have shed a layer of shame, which makes continued growth more possible. I am understanding the links between my childhood experiences and how I interact with the world today. I'm feeling more free to offer unconditional love to my Father.
~ Holly Hinman. Educator, Organizer, Commercial Salmon Fisherwoman

I wanted to unearth the program/beliefs that were restricting me for most of my life. Little Woo's quick and clear insight saw through the muddle and doubt of my perspective. The result? I gained confidence in tackling situations and wants, plus the doubt of "being able" and the feeling of "not belonging" have all but disappeared. It was a deeply helpful and rewarding experience. I feel like I'm working with a kindred spirit on the aspects I've wanted to address for some time and enjoyed every moment of our coaching. ~ Reiner Derdau, Filmmaker, Artist, Musician

I have been a client of Little Woo's several times over the past decade or so. I have returned many times because of the value she has delivered each and every time we worked together. Her insight, knowledge, experience and soul expression were pivotal in helping me explore new directions in my career, and work through new challenges in my life. She is one of the best listeners I've ever met, and more importantly, has a true talent for pulling out key insights and increasing my own self-awareness. I highly recommend Little Woo as a mentor, spiritual guide and coach. As a result of my work with her, I am now fully realizing my own soul expression with joy, peace and purpose. ~Ingrid Morse, Empowerment Coach

I wanted to gain more self-confidence to pursue my dreams around sustainable urban development because my strategy to finding work in this field was not working for me. Feeling a lack of money, lack of confidence and fear of failure, I had the belief that I needed to have a conventional job with a regular paycheck/benefits/pension. In this coaching program, I felt supported and Little Woo really helped to motivate me into action by building my self-confidence and helping me hone in on what skills and interests I already have to create my own work. Little Woo is an amazing coach with a spiritual/energetic approach. She's compassionate, non-judgmental and has a way of getting to the heart of what motivates you and what potential you have to live out your dreams in a way that aligns with your values and your true self. I feel more confident about making a living in a non-conventional way. I have learned to be motivated by aspiration rather than fear - I can be involved in the work I want to do without working in an office setting. My sacred dream is real and in following it I am moving toward self-actualization. I am happy! ~ Michelle Pollard, Eco-urbanist

My work with you has changed my life in a fundamental way. It taught me how to love who I am, to love my story and own it in a way that has elevated me to a higher level of consciousness. I left every session feeling 100% certain of the path that I had to follow in order to heal. I learned how to concentrate on what my soul truly needs and I now know what real happiness is all about. You are a blessing and you heal the lives of those you touch. I am forever grateful my dear Little Woo!
~ Susana Abreu. BA Psych. Musician. Health and Fitness Professional.

I was trying to understand some patterns in my life. The language of the soul is divine and the maps we used were a quick way to magically share a language that we could evolve from. Although structured, organized and efficient, Little Woo never rushed, disregarded or overlooked sentiment that had impact within our sessions. Some beneficial changes include quicker access to my spiritual awareness, feeling less divided and more "oneness", needing less words and having more presence, and having a kindred spirit to share subtle energetic vibrations with that I rarely get to experience in my present environment.
~ Jennifer Harrison, RST (Registered Shiatsu Therapist)

You clearly listened to me, understanding my pain/shadow in order to help me find the techniques and methods needed to focus on the possibilities instead of the reasons to remain in "shit world". Your active listening and the toolkit of techniques were really great. The main thing was being listened to and respected on a soul level - very helpful. As a result of this work, I committed to the teacher training in Spain and I have a clearer understanding of my own needs/motivations, especially with regard to what I want to accomplish in life. ~ Blair Finnie, Teacher

After my divorce, I went through a deep depression and felt a lot of grief and anger. By doing regular sessions with my daughter Little Woo, she helped me heal, overcome my fears and build my confidence again. I used to feel  helpless and lonely but now I feel so alive and active with many passions. (For example, I became a volunteer teacher and organizer in my community!) Later on, I was in a serious accident and Little Woo again helped me find the courage to recover and rebuild my life. I'm so grateful for my new life and can finally do the things that I want without fear or guilt. I am thankful that she is my daughter!! ~ Helena Woo, Vancouver BC

You were always deeply listening and truly loving, open-hearted, completely present, tenderly holding space. You guided me to find my own learnings. I liked your magical metaphors, your sense of humour and sharing Love of Laughter as medicine! I always ended a session with you feeling so much Lighter, recharged with Love, for myself and all beings.  I have experienced deep healing from working with you, Little Woo!

With you I feel so safe, so loved, so honoured. I feel empowered to overcome my fears, to try to reach my highest potential in this lifetime. I have more faith in the True, Good and Beautiful! It is simply an honour to work with you and I am so grateful for your sweetness and support! ~ Joy S. Ong, Expressive Arts Therapist, Teacher. BA, B.Ed

The sessions always felt like a multi-dimensional cosmic microscope focused on my life journey, with little woo being the perfect facilitator to unearth insights and action strategies, leaving me feeling inspired and refocused. Over the course of our sessions, I was learning to appreciate and honor my path in the world, feeling deeply admired and encouraged, and becoming more strategic about my time and energy. I would recommend little woo to those who are carving a path as visionaries, artists, or entrepreneurs yet need to focus and dial in on their next steps to creating a life of balance and purpose. To increase their productivity and success while staying connected to the joy and magic life has to offer.
~ Carl Ronka, visionary,  health & vitality researcher

After talking with you and changing my focus, everything literally turned around for me, and still has.  It was like a door I had cracked open was swung wide open, and what I'd been wanting to experience, came flooding into my life. My heart has opened up to feeling more love and acceptance.  You have a gift of guiding me with practical tools that create huge shifts in how I live and perceive the world.   I will continue to take your courses at least once a year and I thank you for sharing yourself so that my life is brighter and more joyful. I consider you my muse and spiritual mentor, I want everyone I know and meet to experience the huge shifts I've had because of you, Little Woo.
~ Sherry Mossey, entrepreneur

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