The Healing Powers of Compassion & Creativity

How to Transform Judgment and Become a Vessel of Love

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About Me

I help creatives express their most loving self with compassion and imagination because our connection to Love is the ultimate purpose. Most people feel the need to “do more, be more or have more” because they want to feel worthy and loved. And yet, if we can embrace our intrinsic worth and love as the first step, then all things will come from this state of being. On this journey self-realization, what happens inside of us quickly begins to shape the world outside of us. With reverence for both the Sacred & Profane, I support my clients and students to cultivate lives rich with beauty AND meaning. Since 2005, I have worked with thousands of amazing souls spanning Canada, USA, UK, China, India, Costa Rica, Australia, Germany, Hungary in my live workshops and online programs. 

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Little Woo has been profiled for her innovations by the Museum of Vancouver, Shared Vision Magazine, the Georgia Straight, the Vancouver Sun, CBC Radio, CBC Television and Roundhouse Radio. Her talks, performances and workshops have been featured at events such as ConvergeCon, Living Vision Retreats, Summer Hollyhock Gatherings, Intention Retreats, Recompression Retreats, Burn In the Forest Festivals, Entheos Festival, In-The-House Festivals, Car-Free Vancouver Festivals, Occupy Vancouver, Sistahood Festivals, Centre for Spiritual Living, Conscious Living Network and Be The Change Unconference.

She is also a multi-disciplinary artist (burlesque, cabaret, puppetry, ventriloquism & stage hypnosis), the creator of interactive experiences such as the Sacred Kiss, The Mermaid Lagoon, Burlesque Yoga and Zombie Yoga, and the host of the Magic of Compassion podcast which can be found on itunes.

If you are puzzled by the expression "Old Soul", being in the presence of Little Woo may clarify the concept. She teaches and facilitates from a place of Being, not half digested intellectual notions. She is a radiant energy that brings creativity, love and healing to our community.
~ Pepe Danza, Master Musician and Meditation, Yoga & Percussion Instructor

I found Little Woo to be very inspiring - not just with what she said, but by living it. After taking one of her courses, I feel as if many puzzle pieces in my life are sliding into place. I'm seeing the bigger picture. My understanding has expanded and deepened. Thanks Little Woo! ~ Stacy Sakai, Artist

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