You Want It Darker: Leonard Cohen Tribute

“You Want It Darker”: A Night in Honour of Leonard Cohen

8pm: First Act

“So long Marianne”, “The Partisan” performed by Samuel Romero
“Bird On The Wire” performed by Krystal Patience
“Mission” a poem performed by Ari Lazer
“The Gypsy’s Wife” performed by  Enrico Renz & Johanna Hauser
“Everybody Knows” a poem performed by Lilija Valis & Enrico Renz
“Tonight Will Be Fine” performed by Megan Alford
“Because of a few songs” a poem performed by Siobhan Sloane-Seale

9pm: 2nd Act

“Dance Me To The End Of Love” performed by Little Woo & Mr. Fire-Man
“Hallelujah” performed by Little Woo & Michael Rowley
“Sisters Of Mercy”, “Who by fire” performed by Eryn Holbrook & Chris Rzepa
“Take This Waltz” performed by Tania Gosgnach & Chris Rzepa
“Thousand Kisses Deep” Recitation performed by  Little Woo
“Anthem” performed by Enrico Renz, Tania Gosgnach, Maggie Zustovic, Rachel Strobl & Stephen Nikleva

10pm: 3rd Act

“Tower Of Song” , “First We Take Manhattan” performed by Franny Beazer, Bob Beazer, Tania Gosgnach & Cate McEachern
“Famous Blue Raincoat”,”That Don’t Make it Junk” performed by Evan Symons
“I’m Your Man” ,”In My Secret Life” performed by Ashley Richelle & Michael Day
“Slow” performed by Martin Ferguson, Trudi Egerton Ball & Tania Gosgnach
“You Want It Darker” performed by Enrico Renz, Tania Gosgnach, Maggie Zustovic & Rachel Strobl
“If It Be Your Will” performed by Tania Gosgnach, Eryn Holbrook & Michael Rowley
“Closing Time” performed by everyone

Doors at 7:30 pm.  Show at 8:00 pm
1823 East 2nd Ave, Vancouver, BC

What to bring: 
Your water bottle & your own mug/ wine glass.
Wine, cheese and anything that goes with wine and cheese ♥ Bring Slippers 🙂

Contributions: $25 – adults, $15 – under 18
Receive $5 off when you arrive with your own travel mug/ reusable water bottle 🙂
e.transfer to and we’ll have your name on the guest list.
Proceeds going to support a cause dear to Leonard Cohen’s heart ♥

This is a child friendly event. Traditionally we are drug and alcohol free, but for this special occasion… for Leonard Cohen, we are going to make an exception! This will be Figs, Wine and Cheese!

We’re striving to reduce our impact on the environment, please bring your reusable water bottle or a travel mug!

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