XoX Temple at Burn In the Forest 2016

XoX Temple 3

The  XoX Temple is a temporary sacred space that has been brought to many festivals and public parties since 2006.  Each living temple space is decorated and facilitated by a trained team of volunteers from the community.  It is a living temple because it is an attended interactive space for healing, compassion and reverence practices.  Visitors are welcomed by temple guardians/priestesses who invite them into participatory prayerformance art pieces (a gentle ritual that is non-threatening and healing).  One popular recurring piece is the Sacred Kiss Experience where a person is invited into an interactive 10-minute healing ritual and another is creating loving messages for other temple visitors.  It is an oasis of quiet contemplation, a place to receive tenderness and sanctuary.        

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XOX temple 1

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Our XX Volunteers

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Free AUDIO download (mp3):
Sacred Kiss Audio (English)
Sacred Kiss Audio (French)

Free TEXT download (pdf):

Sacred Kiss Text (English)
Sacred Kiss Text (French)



XX Temple 2016 Guest Comments

“This was one of the most special powerful experiences I have had. I really needed this and thank you so so much. I appreciate the love and send it right back to you… ♥ 

“There are gifts in this life that are priceless and this is one of them. I am grateful for this heart opening, and the tears of my own humanity which are flowing forth because of it. Thank you for bringing the sacred…♥ 

“There are moments when a touch and word of love are caring and compassion are more important than anything in the world. We found each other in that moment for me. Thank you. Thank you so very much.”

“Thank you for such a touching experience. I felt really held and loved energetically. Quite the magical experience and much love.

“I am receiving exactly what i need… All of your genuine expressions, supportive touch and most importantly, your full beautiful presences is what many of us need to heal, release and let be free. Thank you for what you do.  PS Such a beautiful way to tap into the blocks within myself. ♥ ♥ ♥ 

“You are beautiful people. Thank you so much for spreading your love and the sacred kiss. ♥ 

“I love you 🙂 Loved it… Love! This short session of essential unconditional love should be experienced by everybody.”

“Thank you for reminding me of my innocence and inviting me to the beloved.”

“A beautiful experience, a great tender moment that connected me with my people and my life back home. Thanks for making possible these moments.”

“Thank you so much for opening me up and showing me the love I needed at just this moment. You are beautiful and magnificent people. ♥ 

“Allowing love from all angles… even the ones we think we don’t deserve. Knowing absolute strangers can reach a space of loving stillness. Thank you for helping my heart open. To tear down the blast doors. Namaste…”

“Grace, humanity, love, ancient depth, grief-release, sacred power, truth, kindness, love, transformation, relinquish disgust, soulful feminine power, sacred erotic essence…”

“What is remembered LIVES. Let us all reach into our hearts and feel the magical vibrations that are there to help pulse love through this world. Let us find joy and safety and let our wings stretch to allow our beauty to shine. Love!”

“A home like a stage flat. A love like a greeting card on old yellowed paper. Make this artifice into a palace. Breathe life into platitudes until they sing. For a moment, at least. Thank you…”

♥ ♥ Mama, Mama. Papa, Papa, Friend, Friend. Lover, Lover. Thank you! Heart Melt… so soft and warm. Thank you. I U.”

“My soul cried a little, I could feel your genuine compassion. I hope you have a partner that does you justice as the heart kindling woman you are. God bless, however you experience the divine. Much affection, i will remember you and feel your cheek on my cheek in future dark times.”

“Very touching experience! Warm, loving, kind words opened my heart. Thank you! xox”

“A short moment of introspection and bliss in among a hedonist mayhem. Thank you for the respite.

“Letting go of you Papa. You’ll always be in my thoughts and part of me.”

“What an unforgettable gift, from one stranger to another. ~ from a new angel”

“Thank you so much! That was incredible – so moving, loving. I needed it and appreciated it.”

“Such warmth, a lovely tingle of energy. Food for my soul! Xoxo thank you!”

“Thank you, dear ones. Bless you! Very touching.”

“Warming the soul and heart Calming for the mind, love

“Thank you for the warmth, sincerity and kind soul sharing!”

♥ The love grows, the healing flows. The angels sing… this is how we begin again. Thank you! ♥ Xoxoxo”

“Very nice way to set some deep intention and remembering who you are, at the source.”

“Should we all experience such love from those whom we depend on it.”

“Why do we think we need to guess what people need to hear, we can ask them. Thank you…”

“Thank you for this amazing gift and reminding me of my truth. An amazing healing experience.♥ 

“I arrived late, but on time. Thank you for your time (and the audio copy!)”

“Very strong and amazing experience. Love you!”

“So much gratitude for an incredible experience.♥ 

“A heart opening experience. Thank you!”

“Very touching experience. Thank you!!”

“Beautiful Words Little Woo…”

“It is going to be okay… Thank you for sharing your love. I feel free. ♥ 

♥ ♥ Very touching and loving experience. Much love! Xoxo

“Thank you for such a powerful and beautiful experience!”

“That was really lovely!!”

“I really needed that today. Much gratitude.”

“Thank you for all you do, for your time, your gift and for making me feel so special. Xox”

“Thank you… xox”

XoX Temple 6

2016 Love Whispers Shared

It’s going to be okay.
YOu’re doing your best.
I like the way you move.
Thank you.
You are capable.
I love you fully & deeply.
You are a warrior of light and love.
Just breathe, pause and breathe.
Peace on earth for men and women of good will.
I am more than enough.
I am perfect the way i am and deserve to be loved fully.
Patience and change comes. Life will go on.
You can do it. You will be ok.
You are an amazing partner.
I am where I need to be.
It’s not your fault.
It’s ok. Everyone is here too. This is good. You are loved.
Trying your best is the best you can do, whatever the outcome.
You will be just fine. Trust me.
Bless this mess exactly as big and small as you are.
You make me feel alive.
Your service is needed!
Wing it.
Be loving, grateful, and patient.
Be comfortable with yourself.
Be yourself, because i love you.
You are valued and loved.
You are loved, we are proud of you. You are worthy of all that your heart desires and more.
Rise above the fog.
You are enough.
You are valued and valuable.
I choose you.
Look after number one.
You will find true love.
I will always be there for you.
It will all fall into place.
You are enough and more.
Relax and take it easy.
You can be yourself.
You can be whoever you feel is true to you.
You are perfect and loveable just as you are.
I loved you. I love you and I will love you.
Keep calm.
Beauty in imperfection.
Your life has purpose and it is love.
You are beautiful inside and out. You are desirable and your passion is wonderful.
You are loved.
Embrace resonant contemplation.
Follow it wherever it goes.
Letting go.
Everything is going to be okay.
You have nothing to fear, you are safe.
This is where you belong.
Let bygones be bygones.
Don’t wait to arrive, enjoy the journey.
You deserve to take up space.
You are powerful.

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