What’s the deal with Procrastination?

You might have heard the phrase “putting the Pro in procrastination?” It’s one of those universal life skills (haha) that we all seem to master at one point in life or another! On a more serious note, it can be a debilitating feeling to put something off that we actually care about so in this talk, we’ll take a look at this type of inner resistance and I’ll share a few ways you can work through it!


What have you been procrastinating about that you would like to put some energy into?

For me, I was procrastinating around the writing of the Unicorn Principles book.

While I was shepherding a few community projects this past winter, spring and summer (one of which is on-going), focusing on my Sacred Dream clients, exploring jogging plus hiking, attending summertime festivals and events, visiting family and enjoying some downtime in the woods with my sweetheart Shane, I didn’t feel like I had the bandwidth to write!

​​​​​​​But as the summer wrapped up, I’ve reconfigured my energy and have been writing.

Though my writing muscles are rather sluggish after mainly doing videos the last 3 years and the writing is going very slowly, I am fully committed to the journey and even enjoying the quiet process of sitting down at my laptop to get into a magical writing mode!

Sending you lots of positive vibes to put some love into what has been waiting for you…

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