Evolution of Reverence

How To Practice Respect without Borders

“As our reverence expands, so does our capacity to honor every being in our universe…” ~ little woo

R.E.S.P.E.C.T.  For All

There are those whom we admire and treat with respect.

Then there are those that we treat with contempt because we disapprove of their attitude or actions.

Maybe we feel that they don’t deserve our respect because they haven’t respected us or our values.

However, a committed practice of reverence means that we offer it even to those who disrespect us.

We’re not agreeing with their actions but we are aiming to see beyond the person’s behaviours in order to acknowledge their divinity.

Easier said that done but this course will help instill the notion of Reverence more deeply in our psyches!

Together, we will experience the peaceful elation that arises from honoring others.

In this course, we will practice giving and receiving Reverence through:

1) Physical and emotional offerings such as bowing, prostration and gentle yet devoted attention.

In many disciplines (from yoga to martial arts) and many cultures (Indigenous to Asian), there are such customs even though in the West, these practices are not common. 

Often, these acts are misunderstood as humiliating or self-denigrating.  In reality, when exercised from the heart, they are humbling, dignifying and gratifying.

2) Living the principle of Namaste

Most people know the term Namaste but without actual practice in our daily interactions, it is only a word rather than a transformational mantra.

This state of divine awareness can realistically be experienced if cultivated regularly.  Our capacity to offer Dignity to all beings is a reflection of our inner evolution.

Let this course strengthens your sacred commitment to honor the world at large!

Note: Some of the exercises from this course will be part of the XoX Temple project and students who have completed the course are invited to volunteer at the temple whenever they desire. These immediate opportunities allow us to practice the teachings and bring healing into our communities!

As always, wonderful and transformative. I think what I love the most about these courses is that Little Woo offers practical applications that we can use in our lives, then asks us to do them. I’ve done a lot of homework in my life, but none that has such a profound effect on how I live my life that what I have done for her class.
~ Ocean, Vancouver BC

Evolution of ReverenceWorkshop Structure:

This course is currently offered as an afternoon workshop.

There is always a break for refreshments (tea and treats).

There is a lot of interaction among participants, along with a lecture portion, time for Q & A and group exercises.

Each person will be participating by:

- sharing stories
- examining concepts
- asking questions
- doing experiential exercises
- vibrationally attuning to the teachings

About Vibrational Teachings:

All the Epic Evolution courses contain vibrational teachings that support you in experiencing truths and epiphanies in your body, heart and mind.

Participants tend to experience a shift in their psyche that goes beyond the intellect.

This helps you make tangible changes in your life and evolve old beliefs or patterns.

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