photo by Maria Coletsis

“Little Woo transmits magic and nobility on stage, she makes the world seem like a cornucopia of experiences and possibilities! She mixes raw power with delicate creative choices to captivate her audience. Woo is the shaman of Burlesque.” ~ Your Little Pony, Performer/Event Producer

Little Woo has shimmied across stages in Vancouver with uniquely crafted dance pieces that range from fusion bellydance, swing to burlesque. You may have seen her in off-beat venues such as Canada’s First Deaf Rave, Vancouver International Burlesque Festival, Velofusion events and the Sacred Dance Festival. She is known for her uniquely crafted pieces which are part dance and part performance art. (Visit the event gallery for show photos)

woo bellydanceAs a movement facilitator, Little Woo has taught tantric dance or fusion bellydance (a mix of bellydance, tai chi and energy principles) at Vancouver studios such as Fitness World and the Forufera Dance Centre. She has also taught at private gatherings and at public events like the Commercial Drive Festival, Burlesque Boot Camp and the Intention Retreat.

In late 2005, she launched a conceptual experiment called Burlesque Yoga… where sexy low brow art meets sacred spirituality in a playful dance.  She has been featured in publications such as the Georgia Straight and the Vancouver Sun. Her passion for dance continues to propel her into new artistic explorations and endeavours.

woo feathers

photo by Ray Shum

Little Woo is a stunning talent. She tells a story with every performance and manages to truly explore the creative potential in burlesque while maintaining a sense of history and joy. Her costumes are exquisitely detailed and her routines beautifully executed. This paired with her willingness to share her gifts through her workshops make her a well-loved and much respected fixture in the Vancouver community. Plus, she’s super hot.
~ Crystal Precious, Sweet Soul Burlesque

Vancouver is bursting with burlesque and way out in left field, doing the most creative and inspiring stage acts is Little Woo. Her presence is commanding and her ability to create characters and tell a story through music and dance is something that demands to be experienced.

~ Timothy Wisdom, Turntable Wizard

Little Woo has imagined and manifested a new form of physical expression designed to set fire to each woman’s inner goddess. Burlesque dance, and especially Little Woo’s performances, have inspired me to seek out my own journey to Sass-heaven. The Burlesque Yoga classes explore not only the beautiful, sensual movements of the form, but also a meditative, relaxing mind-soul aspect which grounds sensuality in spirituality.  I laughed, I wiggled, and deepened my own self love. Little Woo is a bright light, a magical teacher with wonderful gifts to share.
~ Venta R., Actor/Writer