VR Comedy Night Dec.15, 2020

VR Comedy Night Poster

Registration & Details for Dec.15 VR Comedy Night

► What: VR Comedy Night (in AltspaceVR or Live Stream on YouTube)
► When: Tuesday December 15, 2020 at 8 PM – 9:30 PM Pacific
► Who: Vancouver comedians: Eric Fell, Patrick Maliha & K.C. Novak
► Where: in Altspace VR *or* as a YouTube Live Stream
► Why: to gather our community for a fun night & support these awesome Vancouver comedians
► How much: $5 live stream option, $15 General or $20 Patron tickets
► Tip jar: if you can’t attend yet wish to give some love to the comedians, or to show extra love after the show, choose the tip jar “ticket type” on the eventbrite page!

[Please review the info below BEFORE buying a ticket!]
► Tickets: vrcomedynight1.eventbrite.ca

Left to Right: Comedians Patrick Maliha, Orson Welles (played by Eric Fell) & K.C. Novak

This Comedy Night event will be happening in Virtual Reality (on the AltspaceVR platform) and, we’ve just added the option to watch the show with YouTube Live Stream!

You do NOT need a VR headset to attend. There are 3 ways you can attend this event so please review the info below BEFORE buying a ticket!


You can watch the show via YouTube Live Stream (the $5 ticket) where you’ll see a live view of the comedians and the audience! You won’t be able to interact with the comedians or audience members like you would if you attended INSIDE Altspace but this is the easiest way to watch the show.

Bonus: All ticketholders will receive the YouTube Live Stream link at 6:15pm Dec.15, 2020 and afterwards, you will have a recording of the event!

Option #2: ATTENDING IN 2D MODE (partial immersion)

To attend on 2D mode, you can use: PC laptop with Windows 10 or a Mac laptop. (You can also use a desktop computer but you will need an USB microphone) You’ll be able to walk around the virtual comedy club, mingle with people, interact with the comedians if you call on you and share your laughter as part of the live audience!

To ensure that your laptop will work, please take 5 minutes to do Step 1 to 3 before buying a ticket. (If your laptop is from 2015 or newer, it should work)

STEP 1: Download the free AltspaceVR app 
STEP 2: Launch the AltspaceVR app and choose “sign-up” option.
STEP 3: Do the 2-minute tutorial to get acquainted with Altspace controls.

Note: Please create your free Altspace account with the SAME email as you will use to buy your eventbrite ticket. We will use that email address to give you access to the VR Comedy Night!

If you used a different email to signup for Altspace, you must email Little Woo with your Altspace email BEFORE 6pm Dec.15, 2020 Pacific time. Her email is: evolution@littlewoo.org

Option #3: ATTENDING IN VR HEADSET (full immersion)

Download the AltspaceVR app from your headset’s dashboard (or however you usually download your VR apps). Once the app launches, create or use your AltspaceVR email and password to login and customize your avatar.


In the AltspaceVR app, click on EVENTS tab, then MY-EVENTS tab, then the Curios Cabinet VR Comedy Event.

When you see the VR Comedy Event banner, click the green “ENTER” arrow to attend the event at the scheduled time/date (Dec.15, 2020 at 8pm)*. This will launch the Altspace app that you had previously downloaded onto your device in step 3.

*Ticket holders can enter and exit anytime DURING the event but not beforehand.

This info will also be emailed to all ticket holders – thank you for joining us for our very 1st VR event experiment!

This VR Comedy Night will feature 3 fabulous Vancouver Standup Comedians: Patrick Maliha, K.C. Novak and Eric Fell!

Thank you for your interest and efforts to join our first experimental VR event!

Little Woo (Producer/Host) & squishelle (rockstar admin/promo/tech support!)
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