Tips on Receiving

When someone gives you a compliment or gift:
a) Receive it with appreciation and feel good about their wonderful gesture.
b) Focus on how this act reflects their generosity and remember that goodwill is spread when you receive graciously. You both deserve to enjoy the circuit of kindness!

When you feel like you need help:
a) Trust that others are willing to offer it.
b) Identify the ways that you need help and practice communicating your needs clearly.
c) Let go of self-talk that breeds feelings of guilt or inadequacy.
d) Engage in self-talk that celebrates the kindness of others and the interconnectedness of our human condition.
e) Practice unattachment to outcome
f) Be open to unusual solutions

If someone cannot help you:
a) Don’t take it personally – never see it as a rejection of you in any way
b) See it as an honest response and realize that you don’t know their full story.
c) Continue seeking support elsewhere
d) Trust that help will come in some form and it may not be what you imagine. Be open to the creativity of the Universe!

Practice asking for advice or help on platforms like Facebook:
a) It’s a great training ground
b) Since you are not directing your request at anyone specific – only those who are ready and willing to help will respond.
c) Let go of expectations and extend the fishing line playfully to see if anything catches.
d) Don’t measure your self-worth by the amount of responses you get. It’s not a popularity game – it’s just a tool in your repertoire.
e) Not all responses are necessarily relevant or helpful, but it is refreshing to consider multiple perspectives.

Acknowledge the Circuit of Kindness:
a) Congratulate yourself whenever you ask for help and are willing to receive.
b) Celebrate others when they are willing to ask for and receive your help
c) Remember that they trusted you enough to involve you
d) It’s a bonding experience and you both benefit from the exchange regardless of which role you took.

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