The Mother of All Teachings

The greatest teaching that we’ve all come to explore and understand is Unconditional Love.  All experiences relate somehow to this Mother of all teachings. And all Teachers are here to help us get closer to this great Mother.

As we get into her sacred closet, we see that Unconditional Love wears many hats and comes in many forms. She’s a cross-dressing prankster with infinite intelligence and unfathomable wit. The most confusing costume I’ve seen her wear just happens to be her favorite: the guise of “Unattachment”. When she comes to teach you about Love through this particular outfit, the teachings can seem austere and harsh.

”Unattachment” teaches you about unconditional love by showing you how to love another without conditions. That is, without attachments to your own preferences, hopes or expectations.

Ouch! That seems like a lot to ask! But darn it, that is the definition of UNCONDITIONAL love.

I have come to realize in the last few years, that Unattachment has been one of my greatest teachers…. patiently grooming me to be the blushing bride of True Love. Not sure when the wedding is slated, but since the teacher doesn’t seem to be in a hurry, the student need not rush either.

This past month, I have been going through some important Unattachment teachings. When it’s particularly intense or focused, I remind myself that I am now “in a workshop”. It’s always the perfect program because it was clearly my higher self who registered me. Maybe I would have opted for Marionette Building 101 instead?

It’s been a good test of my spiritual will power and dedication. If this particular workshop had happened a decade ago, I’d have plunged into depression or at best, apathy. Thankfully, the Galactic Registrar knows when you are ready for the course and so I am given this at the perfect time.

For now, I can report that the poetry & brilliant wit of this universe has just blown my mind yet again.  How i love the smell of cosmic napalm in the morning…

xox little woo, April 15, 2009

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