Which of the 3 fundamental wounds have affected you the most?

I have an assessment which helps my clients and students identify their specific core wounds but here are the 3 Fundamental Wounds of Humanity that we all experience in some fashion. 

Wound #1: There is something wrong with me.

Wound #2: There is something wrong with them. (other humans)

Wound #3: There is something wrong with Life itself (or the Universe, or God)

Wrong can mean “inadequate, broken, ugly, unlovable, unworthy, useless, evil or bad”.

The “Something Wrong With Me” wound impacts our self-worth.

Here, we repeatedly doubt our intelligence, value, skills, talents, attractiveness or goodness.

We try to prove our worth or defend our innocence yet still feel unworthy or guilty.

The “Something Wrong With Them” wound affects how we feel about other people.

Here, we regularly feel suspicion, blame, judgment or conflict with others.

We unconsciously sabotage partnerships, friendships and collaborations.

The “Something Wrong with Life” wound taints our worldview.

Here, we often feel that life was unfair, unsupportive or out to get us.

We think “life sucks and then we die” or “what’s the point” of all this?

If left unchecked, these fundamental wounds can hold us back from expressing our potential, drain our energy and destroy our dreams.

They can cause us to dislike ourselves, despise Humanity and devalue this life.

I spent my youth embedded deeply in the last two wounds (about people and about life). As a result, I had very few friends, constant conflict with people who were in my life and experienced events as if life itself was fundamentally against my success or happiness.  However, I finally experienced joy once I focused on my healing journey.

Which of the 3 fundamental wounds have affected you the most?

Have any of these impacted your self-worth, health, career, relationships, creativity and joy?

Which ones have drained your motivation, resilience and aspirations?

These are some of the deeper explorations that I will be doing with the upcoming Sacred Dream participants.

In a group setting, it’s very profound to hear how these wounds have impacted each person.

And it’s so beautiful to help each other shift our perceptions and experience some healing.

If you would like to foster deeper compassion and a growth mindset to help address these 3 fundamental wounds, please see the program outline for my upcoming Sacred Dream program.  (Program Outline HERE)

Previously, this program was only available to my private one-on-one clients but I’m excited to do group work again. I love the incredible sense of connection that is felt when we spend dedicated time together, exploring very meaningful aspects of our lives with each other. 

It’s a dedicated and supported time for healing, inspiration and loving connection.

To learn about the Sacred Dream Program, check out the program outline.

May our paths cross in beautiful ways,

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