Enchant Your Corner of the Universe

Little Woo speaks about the power of Compassion & Imagination
and the rise of the Magical Human.

You are here to develop yourself with acts of Love.

When you move from cynicism to compassion,
you are healing yourself AND the planet.

By building an enchanting life and culture,
you are creating a meaningful world and existence.

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Signature Talks

Breaking Good: Your Best Response to the World News

In this talk, I outline 6 actions you can take to maintain positive focus
despite the doom and gloom that is constantly reported by the news.

From F-You to I love You: The Power of Changing Perspective

In this talk, I share about how I went from "fuck you" to "I love you".
But it didn't involve a change in personality - it involved a change in perspective!

Topic:  The Power of Having A Sacred Dream

We have the capacity to create something from nothing when we truly believe.

We have infinite potential, incredible talents and important contributions to make.

When we dedicate our lives to a sacred and beautiful dream,  our true power and creativity can emerge.

In this talk, Little Woo shares how having a sacred dream is integral to creating a noble human with the ability to transcend immediate gratification for a higher purpose.  One who can overcome basic instincts of self-protection or "survival" with a deep courage and clarity.

Topic: The Rise of the Magical Human

In this talk, I share how this is the Era of the Magical Human - one who makes highly creative decisions about how they wish to live and what legacies they are building in this lifetime.

They know that creativity is their natural state and that love is their ultimate legacy.

They know that their relationships and their careers are where the greatest lessons, gifts and epiphanies occur.

They are innovative, unconventional and authentically eccentric.   They know that it is possible to embody their dreams in this lifetime.

In fact, our great interest in superheroes, fantasy and video games comes not from a mere desire to escape life, but to find a more meaningful and enchanted life!

We become truly magical humans when we become conscious creators turning our visions into reality.


Live Talks

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As an international professional inspirational speaker for many many years and as Co-Founder of the Kindness Foundation of Canada, I have heard and know many of the top-rated professional speakers in North America, and I can sincerely say I have rarely been touched by the depth, wisdom, and clarity of a speaker as I have by Little Woo. And more importantly, for me, she lives what she shares and this inspires me even more!
~ Brock Tully, inspirational speaker www.brocktully.com

I have attended innumerable workshops, conferences, lectures presented by renowned and well-lettered speakers but most (if not all) couldn't touch the experience Little Woo provided.  Very inspiring, very professional and very personable.
~ Siri Brown, Counselor & Psychotherapist at Inner Calm

Little Woo is not only an incredible performer but also a contributor to the spirit of community that helps make East Van great.
- Conrad Schmidt
Author, Filmmaker, Activist and Coordinator of the Work Less Party

Little Woo transmits magic and nobility on stage, she makes the world seem like a cornucopia of experiences and possibilities! She mixes raw power with delicate creative choices to captivate her audience.
~ Rebecca Christofferson, Event Producer

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