Talk: A Secret to Creativity & Confidence at the Crowdfunding Workshop January 14, 2017


Workshop: Saturday, January 14, 2017 (1pm to 5pm)
Registration: Starts at 1pm for all attendees

Keynote Speaker: Daryl Hatton, CEO of Fundrazr (1:30pm)

Workshop Trainers: Mirey Faema, Daniel Moscovitch, Little Woo

Networking: Complimentary snacks and cash bar (5pm to 7pm)

Location: #401-68 Water Street, Vancouver

★ Buy Your Tickets Early. Seating Limited to 50! ★
Recent statistics show that Crowdfunding is estimated to have created approximately 270,000 jobs world wide and injected more than $65 billion into the global economy, proving that this relatively new method of raising capital is definitely here to stay.

When utilized correctly crowdfunding platforms provide the perfect opportunity for entrepreneurs to launch new products, fund innovative ideas and develop a global community in support of their business.

Unfortunately, it isn’t all rainbows and success. According to statistics provided by some of the most well-known crowdfunding platforms in North America, on average only 44% of campaigns succeed in reaching their funding goal.

In this afternoon workshop you will learn:

– The difference between rewards-based crowdfunding, fundraising & equity crowdfunding.
– Why some campaigns fail and others succeed.
– Strategies for planning and launching a successful rewards-based campaign.
– How to use Facebook Ads to build your social media following and promote your campaign.

If you are looking to create a rewards based crowdfunding campaign, want to learn more about the world of crowdfunding or determine if this is the right avenue for your business to raise capital, then you cannot miss this workshop.

★ Keynote Speaker for First Crowdfunding Success Workshop
The keynote speaker for the first crowdfunding workshop is Daryl Hatton, CEO of Fundrazr. Founded in 2008, Fundrazr was originally created to be a Facebook app for users to crowdfund money over Facebook. Since then, users are able to log in to FundRazr using several other platforms. FundRazr is passionate about providing an alternative funding source for startups, charities, and personal causes with total crowdfunding for over $91 million. Hatton says, “As Director of the National Crowdfunding Association of Canada, he has been involved since the beginning of various crowdfunding platforms and can speak about the differences, as well as benefits for each.

★ Crowdfunding Success Workshop Trainers
Mirey Faema of Changemaker Marketing will discuss with us the tools and strategies needed to plan, launch, execute a successful crowdfunding campaign. Mirey with her business partner Mercedes Grant, have helped countless businesses, film and causes streamline, promote and develop their crowdfunding campaigns as consultants and marketing experts.

Daniel Moscovitch from Sustainable Visibility (digital marketing agency for conscious businesses) will provide social media and Facebook Ad training for crowdfunding campaigns.

Little Woo will talk about a simple yet life-changing truth that every creator, innovator or entrepreneur can practice to free up extra creativity and confidence! This will also help you attract your tribe to support your project.

★ Crowdfunding Success Workshop at The Tribe
The Art Party is located at The Tribe, a collaboration co-working space for tech companies, entrepreneurs and startups where they are provided an amazing office space with great amenities such as free printing and copy, meeting room, mailbox and bike storage. They also enjoy a huge variety of services that includes legal advice, taxation, accountability, market research, graphic design and much more. Located in the heart of Gastown, the Tribe helps every single member with the next round of financing.

★ Crowdfunding Success Workshop Sponsors
The Art Party is co-producing the crowdfunding workshop with The Tribe (sponsored workshop space), FundRazr (keynote speaker), Spring (community promotions) and Blackbox Print (graphic design and printed postcards).


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