If you are seeking more meaning or direction in your life,
please join me for this special Masterclass

From Survival Mode to Sacred Mode
Finding your higher purpose, your true self and your Sacred Dream

The Masterclass Video will be emailed to you as soon as you register!!


  • 1

    3 Major Triggers for Despair and Anxiety about Life

  • 2

    3 Self-Defeating Habits that Block Your Higher Purpose

  • 3

    Healing Ways to Dissolve These Blocks

  • 4

    A Common Trap We Fall Into When Seeking Our Purpose

  • 5

    The Type of Story That Brings Your Magic To Life

Little Woo is a spiritual mentor who helps brave souls find healing and meaning by developing their Higher Purpose and Sacred Dream. She guides people to use their talents and life lessons to spread Love and Beauty! Little Woo's teachings have empowered students and clients in Canada, USA, South America, Europe, China and India.

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