Stories of Transformation Webinar & Live Event

Listen to powerful stories from Uplifters from around the world – hear about a point in their life where they followed a dream and faced the odds to make it happen.

This Speaker event will inspire you to see a clear pathway full of ease and lightness in your life, to feel part of a larger community that understands you, and to realize that anything your heart desires is possible and true.

August 28th, 12 PM to 5PM EST
Via Webinar OR at Concordia University in Montreal, QC Canada

Check out this live AND online event of conversations with life coaches who started their own practice, yoga studio owners, fitness instructors, nutrition experts, empowerment financial advisors and program developers from around the world.



Bhaskar Goswami – Daana and BODHI Principle Yogi and Community Visionary (Montreal)
Kosta Stoyanoff – Life Coach and Inspiring Speaker Facilitator, Uplifted Life (Montreal)
Lucia Ray – Neuroscience, CBT, and Energy Inspired Life Coach and Yogi (Montreal)


Veronica Aguierre, Zumba Fitness Empowerment Instructor (Montreal)
Chelsey Benzel, Wellness & Nutrition Coach Visionary (Australia)
Jim Bunch, Life Enhancer And Serial Success-record Entrepreneur (San Diego)
Jessie Migneault, 2-Time LuLulemon Ambassador Yogi & Facilitator (Toronto)
Melanie Richards, Yoga Studio Owner & Teacher Trainer (Montreal)
Katrina Starzhynskaya, Best Selling Author, Founder World Class Magazine (San Diego)
Maxim P. Weithers, Business Leader, Squash Champion, Wellness Coach (Colombia)
Little Woo, Life Mentor, Speaker & Teacher on The PhD of Compassion (Vancouver)


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