Spiritual I.Q.

In your current lifetime, you might have noticed a pattern of experiences that repeat even though the faces and locales are different.  The names and stories might change but at the core of such experiences is the same familiar outcome or feeling.  The ability to observe such energetic patterns and consciously digest their teachings is what I call “Spiritual Intelligence” or S.Q. (instead of intelligence quotient/I.Q. or emotional quotient/EQ.)  If you have keenly noticed your own patterns, you are gifted with innate spiritual I.Q. or you have been relentlessly pounded upon the head by the same cosmic hammer.

Either way, consider yourself blessed because these recurring themes are part of your soul’s desired “Higher Education”.  You may not realize it, but you actually designed your own curriculum and the Universe graciously granted you full scholarship.  Just remember that you have all the time in the world to study because no one has ever finished this program.  It keeps expanding so please enjoy your status as an eternal student.

xox little woo, April 29, 2009

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