Sept 27, 2016 Session: How to stop using sexual desirability as measure of self worth

On Tuesday September 27, 2016
please join me for a 1-hour online group mentorship session
using Zoom (similar to Skype but often more stable)

Time: 7pm-8:15pm PST
(we can always end early if we feel complete)

I look forward to your questions/stories on this topic!

4 Steps For Attending:

1) Before our session, please watch this video:

2) Before our session, download & test the free app called Zoom:

* It works on laptops with built-in camera/mic AND most smartphones.

3) On Tues Sept.27 at 7pm PST, join from your PC, Mac, Linux, iphone or Android with this link:

4) Before or right after our session, please send a donation of$5 to 15 via online bank transfer or paypal to: (with security answer emailed to me separately if doing bank transfer)

With love!
xox little woo

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