Seminar: How to Heal Reactivity and Create Sacred Relationships

How to Heal Reactivity and Create Sacred Relationships
Little Woo Seminar on April 8, 2018
at ConvergeCon 2018, Vancouver BC

In emotionally involved relationships, we often end up seeing the best AND the worst in ourselves and others. From the smallest arguments to the largest conflicts, we can experience each other’s temporary knee-jerk reactions and old wounds with shocking intensity. It is very intimate to witness a person’s genuine emotions and reactions when they are under great duress.

In this seminar, we’ll look at the 3 basic “Survival Modes” and examine the true causes of our most stressed-out behaviors. Learn to recognize your dominant Survival Mode, its benefits and how it fuels tension, stress or conflict in your relationships.

Then we’ll look at the 3 essential “Sacred Modes” to see how they can help you reduce damaging reactions, honor your heart’s higher calling and create deeper relationships. Determine which Sacred Mode inspires you the most at this time and apply what you learn today towards your personal and business relationships!

Though we are a highly technological and intellectual society, we are still wired to react from our emotional core. Thus it is part of our higher purpose to evolve our emotional intelligence through the intimacy and vulnerability of close relationships.

This seminar reveals how to turn conflict into an opportunity to grow your mutual love and understanding. Being able to respectfully address even the most embarrassing or unpleasant conflicts with other human beings brings tremendous depth, healing and harmony to all your relationships.

About ConvergeCon

Converge Con is a 3 day annual conference held in Vancouver, BC, covering topics related to sexuality, health, relationships and activism. This year we have over 30 speakers from across North America presenting panels, workshops and in depth pre-cons. Our speakers include thought leaders, professors, activists, educators, sex workers and clinical counsellors.

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