Self-Care instead of Self-Sabotage: 50 Ways To Feel Better

When you feel drained or overwhelmed, it’s easy stop taking care of yourself and do things that may be harmful rather than helpful. However, it’s easier to be kind to yourself if you have a tried and true list of options to choose from. It’s like having a healthy meal plan or grocery list to rely on even when you feel uninspired around cooking or shopping. Instead of letting yourself spiral downwards, you can learn to choose loving options even when you feel the blues! Here are 4 guiding principles to keep in mind:

1. Knowledge is what we know with our minds; wisdom is what we know with our whole being. When knowledge is lived and actioned, it becomes Wisdom!

We all KNOW about so many things that are good for us but we don’t necessarily DO them. Let self-care be known and lived by your heart and body! No matter how much you know, it is most useful when it is applied or experienced. Self-care is a language of love that you can learn but you will get rusty if you don’t practice it.

2. Don’t learn to swim during a storm – begin learning when the sea is calm.

If you sense that you need to rest, heal or develop yourself, it’s great to take action NOW while it’s merely an intuition – rather than later during more urgent conditions. Also, if you are well-practiced at being kind to yourself on a daily basis, you will find it easier to do if life gets more intense.

3. Self-Love is about doing what’s good for you even when you don’t feel like it.

The greatest act of self-love, is to courageously lift yourself above the waves even when you feel like giving up or drowning. KEEP DOING helpful and kind acts for yourself even when you feel shitty about your life or the universe. Reach for your inner tools (including this training) and do what is necessary to help, heal and support yourself. You deserve safety and well-being.

4. You become the shape of your thoughts, emotions and actions.

Be more conscious about what you feed your body, mind, heart and spirit. Rather than having absolutes, restrictions or taboos, it’s about valuing your health and well-being enough to choose from a place of love, what you wish to consume physically and energetically on a daily basis. This is true for food, intellectual content, art, entertainment, environment and relationships.

5. Self-Care is not selfish – it is Self-Love! And Self-Love eventually becomes Universal Love.

It’s not self-indulgent to ensure you have a healthy body, heart and mind. When you honor yourself and you feel good – you have more capacity to honor others and support their well-being. This guide aims to remind you of the many types of Self-Care available – I hope it will inspire you to remember your own favorite ways of rejuvenating, healing, resting or creating.

50 Ways To Feel Better When You Are Tapped Out

1. Get some sleep – take a nap! Explore your ideal sleep hours, sleeping arrangements and sleep aids/tools.

2. Do some rhythmic movement. Walking, swimming, biking, skiing, running, hiking etc

3. Explore a healthy meal. Listen to your body, study and experiment to find what makes you feel good.

4. Drink quality water. Enjoy some soothing teas. Find other healthy liquids to hydrate yourself.

5. Take in daily quiet time. Enjoy the stillness and silence. Silence is healing for your entire being!

6. Visit your favorite spots in nature and find time to be outdoors whenever possible. Nature IS medicine!

7. Get some bodywork: massage, healing touch, reiki, physiotherapy, chiropractic, cranial sacral etc

8. Do some yoga or even some basic stretches to reconnect to your body and ground your energy.

9. Dance. Explore different ways to enjoy some dance: from informal to formal, from solo to partner dancing…

10. Take a fun course or join a studio/gym that facilitates your wellness and fitness level.

11. Take a period of time off to rest, rejuvenate and reconfigure your life. (The Magical Sabbatical)

12. Do some breathwork. Slow down your breathing and tune into your body.

13. Do some gardening, pruning, weeding, planting. Or water your plants as a relaxing gesture.

14. Enjoy a shower or a bath with nice lighting, essential oil drops in the water, soothing music, etc

15. Seek inspiring content online (blogs, articles, books, podcasts, films, videos, art etc)

16. Get counsel or guidance from positive role models (healers, mentors, teachers, parents, elders, leaders etc)

17. Hang out with your favorite people (partners, colleagues, friends, family, community).

18. Experiment with different forms of meditation: mantra, sitting, standing, moving, guided, etc

19. Visit a park, spa or other place of leisure to soak in the energy of people relaxing and enjoying a chill vibe.

20. Attend an enriching course or event that supports your mental acuity or skill development.

21. Connect with people who understand your pain and have great empathy (support groups, meetups, forums)

22. Connect with people who share your passions (local hubs, clubs, community events)

23. Invite and share affection, hugs and cuddles with loved ones.

24. Spend some time around cherished animals or children.

25. Volunteer for a cause or community that you care about and will enjoy doing (free of guilt or obligation).

26. Count your blessings. Start a gratitude journal or other way to acknowledge your life’s many gifts.

27. Sing (or play a musical instrument) for your own enjoyment or for an emotional release.

28. Take a course or attend an event that supports your emotional health and expands your sense of self-love.

29. Go to a live performance (concert, theatre show, standup comedy, improv, circus, dance etc)

30. Visit a place of refined beauty or artistic reverence. Like an art gallery, temple, public art piece or garden!

31. Take a course or attend an event that supports your connection to spirit and your spiritual practice.

32. Try a new exciting (or old and favorite) visual art form: painting, sculpting, photography, puppetry…

33. Make a costume or decorate an outfit or portable personal item like a backpack, water bottle or bike.

34. Find your Laughter. Visit your favorite comedian, funny friends/books/films/videos, laughter yoga etc.

35. Clean, sweep and beautify an external place at work or home. Do it as a form of relaxation or meditation.

36. Take a fun course that supports your creativity, sense of wonder or ability to express yourself.

37. Make a new friend or seek out an old friend whom you’d like to reconnect with.

38. Make, build or repair something that is useful to you at home or work.

39. Find Your Inner Funster: Do something silly, fun, whimsical or adventurous.

40. Take a trip. Even a day or weekend trip is rejuvenating. Or a staycation to explore your own city!

41. Immerse in another culture via a trip, festival, temple, celebration, gathering, centre, class or public event.

42. Explore the biography of someone you admire and look for how they overcame adversity.

43. Get a sketchpad, delightful pen and colored pencils/markers to do playful lettering, doodles and drawings.

44. Practice saying No to honor your well-being, dignity and boundaries. (How to Say No With Absolute Love)

45. Treat yourself to a luxurious or delicious experience or physical gift. Savor it!

46. Revisit your favorite music, films, books or art from your childhood or adulthood.

47. Make your favorite food or discover a new favorite food/recipe to add to your food rotation.

48. Soothe yourself with some aromatherapy, incense or favorite scents.

49. Write in your journal for self-expression, contemplation or release. Deep thoughts, poetry, random ideas?

50. Look for the Magical. Where does that exist for you? In mythology, art, acts of wonder or brilliance?

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