Practice Elegance and Connection at a Masquerade Ball


On Saturday March 12th, the Intention Gathering is pleased to invite you to our Moonlight Carnivale, a Venetian style masquerade!

woo-rococo-s9:30pm Opening Ceremony

Little Woo will help us recreate an 18th century Venetian Ball with costumed revelers dancing a sumptuous waltz!

Together, we’ll learn a fun group dance reminiscent of this era!

No partner dance experience needed!

Party 10:00pm to 4:00pm
855 E Hastings – Red Gate Arts Society
Cost: 15$ to 25$ sliding scale at the door.


Nils -
Raghunath Khe –
Emog –
Miss KosmiK. –
+ion –
Mezzy –

MCing for the night will be JAIAquarian

Nazar Lumaktron will provide visuals


Little Woo – Opening ceremony / Ballroom Dance lesson
Amira Emma Routledge – Stilts –
Sytantris – LED Flow and Poi Spinning –
Aetheriel – Flow Wand –


Workshops, snacks, a silent auction, and more!

Historically, masquerades have had an important function in society – breaking down the barriers of class, gender, and ethnicity and challenging social norms.

The mask allowed for rich and poor to gather in the same space, neither aware of the other’s status. It allowed unescorted women to mingle in the company of men. It allowed for gender swapping and cross-dressing at a time when these acts were otherwise unheard of. Masquerades even provided opportunities for the assasination of royalty and nobility!

In our time, the wearing of masks and costumes continues to be an interesting social experiment. By interfering with (or intentionally subverting) non-verbal communication it allows us to connect with one another in new ways!

As always at Intention Gathering events though, costumes and masks are not mandatory and people are welcome to attend wearing whatever they want!


This is a masquerade, an experiment with anonymity. In this context getting explicit consent during interactions (dancing, touching, hugging, etc) is particularly important.

People communicate through many non-verbal cues, and masks really inhibit that kind of communication. Someone could have a mask that is permanently smiling, or frowning, but that doesn’t mean that’s how they really feel.

It’s a fun way to interact, but it’s also important to be careful, respectful, and clear with all interactions.


This is a fundraiser for the Intention Gathering. As explained in an e-mail on the Intention Tribe list, the winter gathering is expensive!

We offer subsidies for people who could not afford to come otherwise, allowing them to experience the beauty of intention [and we will continue to offer them, because accessibility is really important!] They take a toll on our budget however, and doing fundraisers is one of the best ways to replenish that reserve.

Some of us DO have good jobs or sources of income however, so if you can, please support the community!

On top of the sliding scale admission, we will have a silent auction at this event. Please support by bidding or by donating something to the auction!

See you all soon!

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