Oct.16, 2016 Singing for the Terrified Workshop

This workshop is an opportunity to bring some joy back to the voice and provides a space where all sounds are welcomed! (singing optional, inclusion optimal)

It’s an offering to reflect on your relationship with your voice. Let your voice out in a safe space with loving support!

It’s a return to the magic of childhood. Gift yourself 2 hours of play, silliness and sonic adventures with other fun-loving adults!

It’s an invitation to explore all the sounds that the human voice can make without judgment or evaluation, and envision your voice as part of your natural body.

More specifically, this workshop will include:

– a reflective exercise to strengthen your relationship with your voice
– full body exercises to access healthy vocal expression
– sound games to tickle your inner child and your imagination.

This workshop is FREE, wheelchair accessible and open to participants who are 16+.

Sunday at 3:30 PM – 5:30 PM
at Capoeira Aché Brasil Academy
341 East Broadway, Vancouver, British Columbia

Workshop capacity is 40 participants and to confirm a spot, please RSVP (subject: Singing for the Terrified + your name) by emailing Fiona at fefifofumbles@gmail.com

Your facilitators:

Meris Goodfellow
Meris is a vocal coach, dancer, clown, and group facilitator in East Vancouver. Her vocal practice focuses on recognizing the emotional and physical relationship we have with our voices, and freeing both physical and emotional stresses that we hold in our voices through a mixture of singing, bodywork, and counselling. merisgoodfellow.wordpress.com

Little Woo
Little Woo is a performance artist, mentor and teacher for Magical Humans who want to be happy and creative in THIS lifetime! Expand your Love and Imagination with her weekly videos, private coaching and School of Enchantment courses. Watch for mermaid and unicorn sightings at littlewoo.org

Fiona Koski
Fiona is a dancer, teacher, an acapella nerd, a ukulele enthusiast and passionate about community and socially engaged arts practice. Fiona, along with Catherine Thompson, received a Small Neighbourhood Grant for Mount Pleasant and have curated and created a series of free community workshops.

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