More Squirrel Magic – Dose of Cuteness!

This is what happened one week after we rescued a baby squirrel and returned it to its mother… More surprises!


In my life’s work to spread the practices of Enchantment, I often talk about the arts of Compassion, Curiosity, Creativity, Community and Celebration. They are pathways to a loving and joyful state of existence.

But here is another C to add to the collection… Cuteness!

I love that Humans have a soft spot in their heart for “cuteness” – be it babies, baby animals, cartoon characters or a cute house…

It’s a very unique sense of adoration – often bringing out our caring or cuddling instincts. We coo and talk in baby voices as we fawn over a baby or baby animal.

Of course, cuteness has an evolutionary purpose; the cuteness of babies and children makes it more likely that they will be cared for and nurtured while they are still growing and dependent.

And not surprisingly, the power of cuteness has been harnessed by companies and cultures; both Disney and Japan have built a massive industry and pop culture around cuteness.

But there is also beautiful medicine in cuteness – it lightens our heart and gives us quick access to our most gentle, empathetic and affectionate natures!  When we feel heavy or sad, we can tune into cuteness as a form of therapy.  Laughter is one type of medicine and so is Cuteness!

Some people have kids or pets so they get regular doses of cuteness.  I live near Trout Lake park so I regularly see adorable dogs, ducks, crows, birds, skunks and even baby geese recently.  And very recently, there was much unexpected squirrel magic!

I hope you have some regular cuteness in your life – it is a wonderful path to Enchantment!!

Here is the original baby squirrel rescue video:

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