Private Sessions with Little Woo

Awaken Your Higher Self
Find the meaning, beauty and purpose in your life

Private Sessions Can Help You To:
• Relieve stress, anxiety or emotional turmoil
• Heal self-doubt, self-criticism and self-worth blocks
• Find your higher purpose and make key decisions
• Build a meaningful & beautiful livelihood or business
• Expand your creativity, joy and imagination
• Improve relationships in your personal & business life
• Develop a deeper connection to your spiritual path

Details below about:
Sacred Journeys
Sacred Life 90-Day Coaching
Private Retreat Days
Individuals, couples and groups are welcome

Sacred Journeys

for Inspired Transformation!

Receive support while building your:
relationship with self
relationship with others (personal or business)
passions and higher purpose as a life path

Create a major change or new direction in your life!
Much time and energy can be spent procrastinating or spinning in confusion. With 20 years of experience in energetic and emotional healing, I'm here to help you make the journey enchanting and attainable!

It's important to have a trustworthy advisor and confidante.
I am here to support you in many chapters of your life while keeping your higher goals, gifts and teachings in mind.

Individuals, couples or groups are welcome! We meet for weekly 60-90 minute sessions by phone or Skype over 5 week increments (5 weeks, 10 weeks, 15 weeks etc) OR we can meet for 5-hour retreat days in Vancouver Canada.


If you want to book a one-on-one retreat day,
please email me directly at
to make arrangements together!

Private Coaching Program

Sacred Life 90-Day Coaching Program
Find Your Higher Purpose and Sacred Dream

Discover what is most meaningful, beautiful and purposeful for you in this lifetime. Receive direct support, training and spiritual guidance during this 90-day private coaching program.

Themes may include: 
~ Your relationship to self (body, mind, heart, spirit)
~ Your relationship to others (personal and business)
~ Your livelihood (service and self-expression)
~ Your higher purpose (values and goals)

You will receive one-on-one guidance in phone, zoom or skype sessions.  If you select zoom, you will receive an audio recording of each session.

Basic Minimum Structure:
4 sessions (1st Month)
3 sessions (2nd Month)
2 sessions (3rd Month)
2 sessions (on-going)

Please email me at
to book a complimentary 30 minute Sacred Life Call and we'll look at the challenges and life goals you wish to explore and see if this 90-day coaching program is a fit for you!

Private Retreat Day
With Little Woo

Private Retreat Day

5 Hour Private Retreat Day with Little Woo
+ 2 hour planning call via phone or Skype
This retreat day is held in Vancouver, BC.
$1400-1700 CAD depending on location selected.

We begin with a planning call to see what you are most interested in experiencing during your retreat day.

The day can be tailored to your specific needs and wishes, or you may choose from a selection of themes.

4 Retreat Themes:

Healing Retreat:  Healing from Heartache, Loss or Separation

Relaxation Retreat:  Stress Relief and Soothing Your Nervous System

Creativity Retreat:  Rejuvenating through Creative Play and Exploration

Sacred Life Retreat:  Finding the Higher Purpose of Your Life

Your Retreat Day includes a lunch + refreshments (tea/snacks)
~ Lunch/snacks options will be discussed during our planning call. ~

Retreat day fees are paid in full OR in 2 installments
(50% to confirm the day + 50% at the retreat day)

Please email to setup your retreat day:

2 Methods of Payments:

1) Online bank transfer to
(please also email me a security password)

2) Paypal:

My work with you has changed my life in a fundamental way. It taught me how to love who I am, to love my story and own it in a way that has elevated me to a higher level of consciousness. I left every session feeling 100% certain of the path that I had to follow in order to heal. I learned how to concentrate on what my soul truly needs and I now know what real happiness is all about. You are a blessing and you heal the lives of those you touch. I am forever grateful my dear Little Woo!
~ Susana Abreu. BA Psych. Health and Fitness Professional.

You were always deeply listening and truly loving, open-hearted, completely present, tenderly holding space. You guided me to find my own learnings. I liked your magical metaphors, your sense of humour and sharing Love of Laughter as medicine! I always ended a session with you feeling so much Lighter, recharged with Love, for myself and all beings.  I have experienced deep healing from working with you, Little Woo!

With you I feel so safe, so loved, so honoured. I feel empowered to overcome my fears, to try to reach my highest potential in this lifetime. I have more faith in the True, Good and Beautiful! It is simply an honour to work with you and I am so grateful for your sweetness and support!
~ Joy S. Ong, Teacher. BA, B.Ed

Something really enjoyable and unique about the sessions I've had is that they've always felt like a multi-dimensional cosmic microscope focused on my life journey with little woo being the perfect facilitator to unearth insights and action strategies, leaving me feeling inspired and refocused.

Over the course of our sessions, some things that have impacted me in great way are learning to appreciate and honor my path in the world, feeling deeply admired and encouraged, and becoming more strategic about my time and energy. I would recommend little woo to those who are carving a path as visionaries, artists, or entrepreneurs alike who need to focus and dial in on their next steps to creating a life of balance and purpose. Especially those who wish to increase their productivity and success while staying connected to the joy and magic life has to offer.
~ Carl Ronka, visionary,  health & vitality researcher at

After talking with you and changing my focus, everything literally turned around for me, and still has.  It was like a door I had cracked open was swung wide open, and what I'd been wanting to experience, came flooding into my life. My heart has opened up to feeling more love and acceptance.  You have a gift of guiding me with practical tools that create huge shifts in how I live and perceive the world.   I will continue to take your courses at least once a year and I thank you for sharing yourself so that my life is brighter and more joyful. I consider you my muse and spiritual mentor, I want everyone I know and meet to experience the huge shifts I've had because of you, Little Woo.
~ Sherry Mossey, entrepreneur

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