June 7, 2017 How to Say No with Absolute Love (Archived)

How to Say No with Absolute Love

When: Wednesday June 7 at 6pm-7:30pm Pacific Daylight Time

Where:  This is an online class – you’ll receive the link before class time!

What you need:  laptop OR smartphone with access to internet

About the Training:

It’s easy to over-extend yourself when you care about many people, events and causes.  Guilt or obligation can compel us to take on more than we can juggle.  Yet over-commitment can be a stressful and exhausting cycle!

In this interactive online session, we’ll explore the life-changing practice of “saying no with absolute love”!

You will learn:

~ 6 disempowering beliefs that make it hard to give or receive a “NO”.

~ 6 healing truths to empower your NO so you can honor yourself and others better!

~ My “3 Gates Method” to make decisions with more clarity & confidence!  This will help you recognize your boundaries more clearly with different people and situations.

We’ll look at where in your life these beliefs and practices could be applied first. Having these key skills will save you from BURNOUT yet retain your joy, energy and compassion!

3 Steps For Attending:

1) Register no later than 5pm Pacific Daylight Time on the day of the training.
~ Email evolution@littlewoo.org
~ Put the date into your calendar and I will email you the class link 30 minutes before class starts.

2) Download the free app called Zoom onto your laptop or smarphone: https://zoom.us/ (it’s similar to Skype)

3) On the scheduled time/date of the training, click on the link you receive (emailed to you at 5:30pm PDT that day) using your laptop or phone that has Zoom installed.

With love!
xox little woo

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