“I should know this by now” ~ 6 Lessons in Intuition

Normally, I’m diligent about following my intuition but there is a circumstance that catches me off-guard:

When my intuition tells me not to trust someone I know or care about.

Even though I get this “gut feeling” or hunch, I tend to ignore the warning. I don’t want to believe it so I look the other way.

The last time it happened, just one hour after trusting someone with an important task, an unpleasant result occurred and my safety was compromised.

The consequences were serious enough for me to review the voice that I’d ignored:

What did that voice say again? What did it sound like?

How can I hear it next time and respond immediately?

Growing Pains

The 1st time you ignore an intuition, it’s common to be surprised by its accuracy.  It’s normal to wonder if you can rely on it.

If you ignore it again and are humbled by your foresight, you may decide to turn it into valuable hindsight.

But if you keep ignoring your intuitive hits, you will eventually want to kick yourself.

The little voice in your head will gently say “I told you so” and another voice might answer:  Yeah, I should know this by now!

After enough missed opportunities or unpleasant results, you may finally decide to respect your intuition and make an effort to respond the next time it speaks to you.

6 Signs of Intuition to Watch For:

1) It’s a quiet inner voice that advises you towards a certain course of action.
(Do this or don’t do that.)

2) Usually, it speaks out just once before your moment of decision.
(It doesn’t tend to repeat itself)

3) It may also show you a brief vision of the outcome.
(In a flash visual – like a subliminal image)

4) It may be advising you of a pleasant or unpleasant possibility.

5) It is giving you special foresight so there is often no visible evidence for the warning.

6) Since it can be subtle, fast and seemingly illogical, the voice is easy to miss or dismiss.

A Discerning Guide to Intuition

1) Remember that it’s a knowing voice that speaks BEFORE there is any obvious reason for action or concern. It’s a pre-sentient piece of advice, a psychic flash, an “intuitive hit”.

It’s different from common sense, which is when a logical reason for action is apparent to any observer.

It’s different from wisdom, which is when you recognize a pattern from past experience and take the best action possible.

2) The situation may be different each time so try to recognize your Intuition’s subtle mannerisms and your own doubt patterns.

Intuition’s mannerism: It will not nag you. It will make a suggestion in a matter-of-fact way and then be silent.

Move that object or it will fall.
Put that somewhere safe or you will lose it.
Say no thanks now or it will get complicated.

Your Doubt Pattern: You may often see it as an overly bold move, an overly cautious warning or paranoid suggestion.

Really? I should run up to that stranger and introduce myself?
Oh, it’ll be alright where it is. I’ll take care of it later…
Well that’s a weird thought – there’s no reason for me to doubt them…

Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Intuition

For me, the thought “I should know this by now” comes up in relation to adult sunburns and intuition burns.

Every year, on the first beach day, it’s easy to forget how strong the sun is and get sunburned even though you have years of experience.

Every year, it’s easy to forget how wise our intuition can be even though you’ve seen its accuracy over the years.

For you, “I should know this by now” may relate to some other silly or serious things that you keep experiencing despite tons of foresight and hindsight.

When those moments happen, we may hear the voice of Homer Simpson saying: D’OH!

That sound reminds us to playfully laugh at ourselves when we are slow to learn something.

And since we are generally wired to avoid pain and embarrassment, each D’OH! becomes a reminder to pay attention next time.

After enough D’OHs, we remember.

After enough D’OHs, we learn to avoid the burn.

What about you?  

In the comments, I’d love to hear about an intuition you ignored and why you regretted it later on?

Or an intuition you honored and how it was validated later on?



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