How To Wrap A Saree

My friend Sajini at Sreedhari Ayurvedic Retreat Centre agreed to teach me how to wrap a saree. I had actually learned many years ago from some ladies at a saree shop in Vancouver but like language, without practice, one forgets…

What amazes me is how the women of India manage to wear it so gracefully while doing such a wide variety of tasks! I’ve seen women wearing sarees while riding motorbikes, doing laundry in the river, swimming, cooking over a fire, doing construction work… I can barely sit in one – much less walk! Yet everywhere in India, the brightly colored saree continues to adorn women in both rural and urban landscapes.


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Victoria says:

You are so cute Little Woo. You made an excellent course to wrap a saree, it`s very pitty I didnt buy it when I was there!

kirtan says:

hi Woo, you look gorgeous………………. you are such an artist. joyous to see your movies. from entertainment on the highest level to breathtaking awe to incouraging inspiration. thank you so much. thanx to existence for having met you….

Judy says:

You carry the saree so well as if you were born to wear a saree – beautiful!

From Ma Ma Woo (Chorping) says:

My dearest daughter,

You’re the most beautiful Saree girl in the world. I just love your picture of wearing saree costume. I hope you will have a wonderful time wherever you go while you are travelling in India. Please take good care of yourself. Mommy really miss you.

Much love, xoxoxo Mommy xoxoxo

jane says:

you are so lovely!!