How to do the thing that scares you

Sometimes, we have to do things that scare us in order to create or grow.  Here are some steps to overcome the fear so you will feel inspired to take risks, go out of your comfort zone and honor your dreams!


Last week, Shane and I went camping and for our final day, we’d booked a 3-hour surfing lesson near Tofino on Vancouver Island.

Leading up to the lesson, I felt some resistance about being in the cold Pacific Ocean for hours. I knew we would be given wetsuits but didn’t know how well they would work. I prefer bathwater-temperatures of the tropical oceans that I’ve gone diving in… For a brief moment, I thought about cancelling the lesson and save my surfing adventures for warmer places.  Hehe.

This adventure was a little outside of my comfort zone because I tend to get cold easily. (One day, I plan to take the Iceman’s course on how to train your body to withstand very cold temperatures). Though I wasn’t afraid, I was somewhat apprehensive about being very cold, wet and uncomfortable for 3 hours.

Sometimes, the desire to be comfortable can hold us back.

Thankfully, I chose to do the lesson anyway because I was curious about cold-water surfing and wanted to practice overcoming my dislike of cold water.  (In the previous 4 days, I’d practiced a bit of cold water swimming while we were camping on Hornby Island but that was for a short duration.)

To my surprise, they gave us high quality wetsuits that worked like a charm so we stayed warm throughout our lesson!!

It was an absolutely blissful reward to play in the refreshing salt water at one of the most beautiful beaches of Vancouver Island.  As a mermaid who has spent a lot of time on land, it felt so good to be back in the ocean…

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