FOMO from being Sick for a long time

Dealing with a long-term illness is tough enough but you can also feel the pain of missing out on Life and feel a sense of loss, grief and unfulfillment. Today, I’d like to share a perspective that will help you find a new focus and meaning from this extremely challenging experience.


My heart goes out to all those who are dealing with a serious condition or illness. I hope you will have the energy and faith to see this as an initiation into deeper self-discovery, healing and transformation. Many people (myself included) have found that our illness was actually a great catalyst for an imporant spiritual awakening. It can inspire many internal changes that will reconnect you to your soul purpose and facilitate other levels of healing both emotional and physical.  May you go inward for your own soul’s guidance and go outward to find help from those who will understand the depth of your journey…

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