Follow Your Fetish

Dec.29, 2011

During times of exploration and self-examination, it’s helpful to stand back and observe your current desires.  How do you wish to cultivate and spend your energy in the next chapter of your life ?  Maybe it’s a mix of your long-term passions with exploration of some new curiosities?

I often say:  Follow Your Fetish… (a nod to Joseph Campbell who said “Follow Your Bliss”) A fetish is less overwhelming to consider than your “bliss”.  Many people don’t know what their “bliss” is and are desperately seeking it… However, most people can describe their current fetish once you explain that it’s simply a compelling interest.  It can be epic or mundane, sacred or profane… It could be a fetish for antique buttons, lucid dreaming, solar power or a rare instrument from 12th century France! In one of my courses, we spend some fun times understanding our fetishes.

We all have long-term fetishes which are considered true passions.  We may lose sight of them occasionally but the spark is always accessible if we fan the fire.  Childhood passions are often keys to understanding your long-term dream career.  Looking back, what were some of your childhood fetishes?  I’ve followed mine and they became my life’s work.  All aspects found a way to be expressed in what i currently do:  costumes, singing, dancing, fairytales, detective work, storytelling, mysticism, mythology, psychology, writing.

We also have short-term fetishes which are usually subsets of the long-term fetishes… They often come in strong and powerful for a period of time, then we either lose interest or the exploration feels complete.  Sometimes, short-term fetishes will come in and out of our lives on a long-term basis.  Doing music is like that for me – it comes intensely for a short period of time but it is not a fire that I sustain every day.  For others, music is like oxygen, they must breathe it every day or they will die.

Here is a small sample of my fetishes for illustrative purposes:

Some current fetishes: Vedic Knowledge, India, bi-location, writing

Some past fetishes:  burlesque, songwriting, bellydance, shadow puppetry, leather crafting, snowboarding, sound healing, gamelan, Thai islands, German, sci-fi fiction

Some long-term fetishes:  art (film/dance/music/theatre etc), mythology (mermaids, unicorns, creatures), mysticism & spirituality, aesthetics (costuming, setting & design), writing, autobiographical study, beaches, food. languages, travel…

So you can see, in honor of my current fetishes, i am soon traveling to India.  Have fetish, will travel!

Questions for You:
What were some of your childhood Fetishes?
What are some of your long-term passions?
What were some of your short-term interests?

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