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Friday January 6, 2012
Little Woo will be interviewing Joel Bellenson about his game-changing book:
Equal Watts: The Solar Emancipation of the Third World

I met Joel Bellenson in June 2006 when I performed in his house as part of the In the House Festival.  We posed together for a photo/article in the Georgia Straight and became close friends over the years.  I discovered his fascinating history and astounding talents as an intellectual, scientist, researcher, systems thinker, futurist and geneticist. Without mentioning any of his past epic projects, his latest focus is the writing of a game-changing book that will blow your mind and inspire your aching heart if you have ever felt overwhelmed by the state of the world.

Are you concerned about Peak Oil? Climate Change? Energy Crises? Overpopulation? Over-consumption? Social Justice? World Poverty?

If you are an activist, entrepreneur, scientist, teacher, philosopher, historian, artist, investor, consumer, worker of any creed, color and collar… you’ll want to be at this special event where Joel will present the main thesis of his book.  Backed by tremendous research,  he will dispel many of the current fears that humanity has about energy resources.

whether you are conservative or radical
whether you are political or apolitical
whether you are the 99% or the 1%
the information in this presentation will give you an exciting understanding of the next great revolution on our planet…

I am honored to host this very special event before I leave the country, as a service both to Joel and my beloved communities.  I will interview Joel in a talk-show format, followed by a Q & A period.  His incredible research, knowledge and ability to synthesize vast stretches of data into meaningful information will not only floor you, but will open your mind to what is about to happen in the next 20 years.  Enjoy a riveting and inspiring evening that will infuse much hope in your worldview! 

Event Schedule:
6:30pm Doors open  (presentation begins at 7pm)
7pm-10pm  Interview/Presentation + Q & A session
10pm-12am Social time.
Note:  Friends who can’t attend the show but wish to say hello: stop by between 10pm-12am.  No rsvp needed for the social gathering.

Event cost: $20+ donor extraordinaire, $15 abundant, $10 suggested minimum, $5 underemployed
Location: Prana Yoga College, 2nd floor studio, 293 East 2nd Avenue
NOTE:  All net proceeds will be donated to Engineers Without Borders Thailand Clean Water Project.

RSVP is needed to reserve a seat at the presentation:

More Info About The Presentation:
“Equal Watts” challenges the prevailing belief that we will need 5 Earths to enable the billions of people to live like Americans.  Instead it asserts that the only limit to the “carrying capacity” of the planet is whether the creative capacity of the Global South is unleashed by the Solar Revolution.  Joel, a former Stanford biology student who revolutionized life sciences when his company assembled, annotated the human genome and put it into the public domain to prevent it from being patented – repudiates the longstanding ideology of scarcity and despair spread by Stanford biology professor Paul Ehrlich with his 1968 screed, the Population Bomb.

The runaway exponential development of solar power, LED lights, desalination and hydroponics will soon render all the debates about climate change, peak oil and population growth moot and usher in an era that turns the current global geopolitical and economic order upside down!  This revolution will empower and emancipate the Global South – radically restructuring cities, the division between town and country and the family itself.

“Equal Watts” uncovers a longstanding pattern (dating back at least 600 years) of economic, ecological, political and military crises and the exponential development of the technologies that overcome these crises.  As Mark Twain said “History may not repeat itself, but it rhymes a lot.”

About Joel Bellenson:
Joel was the co-founder and CEO of Pangea Systems/DoubleTwist, which assembled and annotated the first draft of the Human Genome, provided low cost access to academics and kept it from being patented. He was also the co-founder and CEO of Upstream Biosciences which used artificial intelligence software to discover new medicines against drug-resistant tropical infectious diseases such as African Sleeping Sickness, Malaria, and Black Fever. Joel and his companies have been featured on the cover of Wired Magazine, covered in the New York Times, BBC, Fortune and Forbes, appeared on ABC, CNN, CBC, won Best New Technology Awards from Saatchi & Saatchi, gave a keynote address at an African Union conference, and chaired a World Health Organization bioinformatics conference.

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