Care Fund for Geza

For May and June 2015

If you wish to do energy work or spiritual counsel sessions with me and you mention the password Geza, I will donate your entire session fee to the Care Fund for Geza.

This fund has been created by the community to alleviate the $15000 debt that Vancouverite Geza acquired while generously helping with Gillian Morningstar’s medical bills and ensuring her safe return from Uganda.


1) If you mention the password “Geza”, I will waive my normal fee so that you may pay a sliding scale of $60-120/hour  that I will donate entirely to the Care Fund for Geza.

2) Sessions may consist of energy healing, ritual facilitation or spiritual counsel, based on your request and interests.

3) Due to my recent move, my studio is not yet available but I am offering private sessions by phone, Skype or in-person at Trout Lake Park in Vancouver when the weather is agreeable.

4) To book your session, please email me at:

More info about private sessions


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