Burner Skool 2018

Wednesday August 1st, 2018 in Vancouver, BC
5pm-9:30pm at Trout Lake Pavilion
2105 East 19th Avenue, Vancouver

Heading out to Black Rock City this year? Come out to this event, meet local burners, ask questions and get them mostly accurately answered!

This is for all members of the community to network and learn about attending Burning Man events, with an extra focus on BRC. This is an opportunity for burners new & old to meet new people for connecting around theme camps, and generally share some wisdom to make every one’s Burn better. If you know anyone preparing for Burning Man for the first or second or third time, bring them!!

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 1st, 5pm-9:30pm – Picnic area SE corner of Trout Lake park. Enter closest parking lot via 19th. Here’s a lovely Google map of the exact location of the picnic area and the parking lot access via 19th avenue: http://goo.gl/maps/0E1a

PICNIC – 5pm-6:30pm – GVIAS is hosting a BBQ to augment a potluck style community gathering. Expect mostly meat with limited veggie patties – while supplies last, first come first served, feel free to bring your own to BBQ. Please label your bowls, plates and serving spoons before you come or with the tape & markers on the table. NOTE: This is a NO ALCOHOL event!

BRING: – Your personal plate, cup, cutlery – Salad, fruit, veggies or something good and tasty to share, & label your food for food allergy awareness. – Blanket or camp chair to sit on – Umbrella to shade yourself and friends from the sun – Water bottle / extra water to share – Leave No Trace!

Keeping your Burn your kinda radical
Cooking on the Playa
Transportation / Travel Tips
Participation (no spectators)
Surrender to the experience
Playa Survival Strategies: Harm Reduction / Personal Health
Arrival / Departure / Exodus
Burning Man in our Community
Theme Camps
Consent & Sexual Health
Camp Infrastructure
Gifting / Packing Lists / Costumes (Little Woo)
Decompression/ Back @ Home
Burner Skool Org / GVIAS / Rangers
Burner Skool Org / Regional Network
Volunteer Opportunities

This event is brought to you by the Greater Vancouver Interactive Arts Society (GVIAS), a not-for-profit society created to promote community-based interactive arts guided by the 10 principles of Burning Man. Learn more and become a member at: http://gvias.org/

If you have questions, comments, etc, please feel free to contact our fabulous co-hosts: Ryann Trudeauxx, Yvonne Calder & Carly Whiskey.

See you at Burner Skool!

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