The Big Aha

The Big Aha was a film proposal that I submitted to the National Film Board of Canada in March 2004. They did not decide to fund this project but I include the overview here in case you are interested in the topic itself. It’s also an example of how the collective thought field works. I…

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Losing and Finding Your Bliss

A few lifetimes ago, I ended up in a very troubled state because i did not know where to direct my energy. I had always been active and creative, yet i realized that the energy was simply not flowing anymore.

What happened to my passions and my desire to draw, sing, dance or write?

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Falling Out of Eden…Again

Once upon a cruel and linear time, a trailer park in Middle America degraded into a cesspool of chronic malaise. Though they weren’t a really bright bunch, it became so unbearable that the Trailer Trash looked for a sign, a flashing icon, a modern saviour…anything that might save their sorry asses. Then one day, a…

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