Monkey See, Monkey Feel

July 31, 2008 Monkey See, Monkey Feel written for the Robson Square Author Readings Series Have you ever watched someone get clubbed in the testicles and found yourself cringing abruptly, whether you’re a man or a woman? Or have you ever witnessed someone go under the knife in the operating room and as the doctor…

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Conscious Cinema

Conscious Cinema HELD OVER:  TOP TEN THEATERS 1. Harkins Valley Art – Tempe AZ, 32 weeks 2. Loews Cinemas – Seattle WA, 29 weeks 3. Loews Catalina – Tucson AZ, 28 weeks 4. Loews Beverly Center 13 – Los Angeles CA, 24 weeks 5. McMenamins Bagdad Theater – Portland OR, 18 weeks 6. Hollywood Theater…

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The Big Aha

The Big Aha was a film proposal that I submitted to the National Film Board of Canada in March 2004. They did not decide to fund this project but I include the overview here in case you are interested in the topic itself. It’s also an example of how the collective thought field works. I…

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Losing and Finding Your Bliss

A few lifetimes ago, I ended up in a very troubled state because i did not know where to direct my energy. I had always been active and creative, yet i realized that the energy was simply not flowing anymore.

What happened to my passions and my desire to draw, sing, dance or write?

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Falling Out of Eden…Again

Once upon a cruel and linear time, a trailer park in Middle America degraded into a cesspool of chronic malaise. Though they weren’t a really bright bunch, it became so unbearable that the Trailer Trash looked for a sign, a flashing icon, a modern saviour…anything that might save their sorry asses. Then one day, a…

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