Joseph Pepe Danza, Vancouver BCIf you are puzzled by the expression "Old Soul", being in the presence of Little Woo may clarify the concept.

She carries a maturity well beyond her earthly years, and an aura that radiates peace, openness, courage and empathy. She teaches and facilitates from a place of Being, not half digested intellectual notions.

Working with her is always a joy and a privilege and the feedback I've heard from friends who participated in her workshops always carries a deep gratitude and respect for her work.

Little Woo is a radiant example of the Goddess energy that brings creativity, love and healing to our community.

Joseph Pepe Danza, Vancouver BC

"My private sessions with Woo have been life altering. the work we do together has been instrumental in my making many new decisions, creating new pathways and defining a new blueprint for myself. Woo has somehow managed to amalgamate all of the reading and work that I have been wanting to do for a long time into sessions that are personalized for me. I feel as though I am doing so much without all of the regular pressure I usually put on myself. I am learning to work with ease. I am also finding that every session I feel empowered to create my life to be anything I want. she is a gift to the world of healing and our community as a whole."

Kelly Ann, Vancouver

Immediately, I was magnetically drawn to Woo's healing light energy. I first met her at a festival in June 2005 where I spent 10 minutes in a session and felt an immediate healing. I am overwhelmed with gratitude for having our paths cross. I am learning so much, and the best part is that healing doesn't have to happen very slowly, I know first hand now that it can happen quite quickly! THANK YOU WOO! If you are wondering how to raise your vibration, you need to give Woo a try. I was skeptical, but I can honestly say that I have had a shift in my consciousness. I am moving out of fear into love. Woo, you are an angel.

J.W., Ontario

Little Woo both walks and talks the spiritual path. Her depth of commitment to her own spiritual evolution and to the spiritual path of her students is profound.

S. Smith, Vancouver BC

I thoroughly enjoyed this course - its playfulness, its wisdom, its layout and its missions. Little Woo is an excellent facilitator; she holds space, she offers knowledge in an inclusive and inspiring way and she's real. I walked away from our meetings feeling inspired and expanded, moved and shifted, awakened and relaxed. The tools we learned helped me in my daily life and I began to notice changes in both my mental and physical realities instantly! I love magic!

Veronica Vukusic, Vancouver BC

I feel like this Evolution of Manifestation course has helped me ground myself in my path and helped me see things at a more tangible level. I have started to feel the magic of accepting the natural guidance of the universe in my body. The principles we learned are both profound and practical, something I really appreciate. To see Woo living it as truth is healing in itself and so powerful.

Lianne O., Vancouver BC

I thought at one point in this class "this could really change who I am"! I feel like this class has really made me see myself more clearly and see how I can be what I want to. My favorite aspect of the workshop was seeing that you, Little Woo could really live the truth of what you are teaching. I loved the humour and how it changed the vibration of the room.

Eliza, Vancouver BC

After taking my first class with Little Woo last year, I have undergone a metamorphosis. The classes are truly life-changing and I have immense gratitude. To be so supported during a time of many changes is a remarkable thing. Thank you so much for being with me on this journey, love you Woo!

Kale Gossen, Vancouver, BC

Little Woo’s approach with participants combines the intelligence of mind, heart and soul. Wise, compassionate and gently challenging, she creates and contains a space that is safe, reassuring and dynamic. One experiences something like several subtle satoris through the course of an evening. Counselling has less to do with methodology than it does with the finesse of an art form and therefore language is constricted in its ability to provide a fully accurate depiction of the practitioner’s skill. Woo is a truly gifted artist, counsellor and healer.

Road Tripp, Vancouver BC

I would highly recommend taking Evolution of the Heart with Little Woo. She exudes pure unconditional love and speaks from a sacred place of KNOWING. Her compassion for everyone's personal journey makes it easy to open up and share in a place void of judgment. Within the time frame of the four evening sessions, Little Woo uses a variety of experiential teaching techniques that present the course as truly creative and enjoyable! Little Woo is not only a gifted teacher but a loving presence that makes you wish the course would never end! Needless to say, I look forward to taking more workshops/courses offered by Little Woo in the future.

Connie J. Matisz, Vancouver BC

Woo’s Evolution of Manifestation course was truly illuminating, transformative and inspiring experience that I will treasure and remember with very much gratefulness in my heart. It is an art and science combined with her gifts of deep intuition, intellectual sharpness, life experience, spiritual knowledge, practical exercises, light hearted openness, compassion, enthusiasm, humor, clarity, and dedication. Her teaching methods opened the doors of my inner world, giving a voice to the life within that longs to be lived, to be expressed. I have learned to trust the Universe, listen to my heart, connect with my true self, and have the choice in the direction I take on my path. Woo asked me the right questions at the right time, lovingly challenged me to find connections between inner life and the external world, and provided valuable insights with much encouragement and inspiration. It was a whole new world of insight, adventure and amazing self-discovery that spoke to my heart and mind simultaneously and powerfully.

Ljubomir, Vancouver BC

I can't thank you enough for your presence and spirit over the last month. This change has been coming for quite some time but I found your class illuminated what my body already knew. I was so blissed out in the Evolution of Sensuality class and the contrast between my joy and my struggle at work was just so profound that I could no longer ignore it. It was becoming clear that the more I opened to the pleasures in my life, the more difficult work felt and I realized just how numb and closed I've had to be to endure my job. Thank you for helping me to focus on the beauty of my world.

Jen A. in Vancouver BC

What a month of tremendous growth this has been (in the Evolution of Expression course). Thank you for sharing your insights. They’ve permeated all aspects of my life – I’m applying the principles everywhere from business presentations to romantic situations, and am feeling a renewed awareness of my own integrity.

Michelle, Vancouver BC

My experience in Little Woo’s Evolution of the Heart course was magical. Connecting, growing, and evolving, in such a gentle yet fearless way. Woo’s ability to hold space, guide, probe, and inspire are blessed gifts that all should experience at least once in their lifetime!

Lucia P. Beamish, Vancouver BC

I feel a breakthrough has definitely happened for me. The practice and the awareness that I gained from Evolution of Expression was invaluable in preparing me for my talk today. I also remembered what you said about being easy on ourselves, that we are always evolving, and that I don't have to do it perfectly, but just be the best me that I can at this moment. It went more smoothly than I had imagined, and now I feel that my potential and possibilities have opened up even further. I will stop telling the story about me being afraid to speak in public. And I plan to continue to develop my public speaking presence.

Christina Norberg, Vancouver BC

I'd like to thank You for facilitating the Evolution classes and sharing such golden, inspirational transformative iridescent life aligning information. Thank you for your incredible insights and inquiries into these topics, Thank you for doing so much work. Thank you Thank you !!! Thank you for reminding me of Integrity and sharing to the depths that it exists (wow). Thank you for all your inspiration !!

Stephanie P. Vancouver, BC

I thought a lot of the material was extremely profound. Little Woo is an amazing instructor, very wise beyond her years.

J.J, Vancouver BC

Dearest Little Woo, thank you again for your "Evolution of Beauty" workshop! I am very impressed with who you are, and what you are all about. I am honoured to know you, and appreciate your wonderful words of wisdom, and fantastic group exercises. You obviously understand the divine and emulate its love & beauty. I appreciate your comfort in discovering your true essence and having the courage to live your life outside of the box, in a state of desire, rather then obligation. There is a kind of inner magic that you possess and I am grateful for the opportunity to experience what you offer. A big thank you!

Sahara, Vancouver BC

Thanks for all your love and support during Evolution of the Heart. I loved the way you created an instant bond of love, compassion and healing for everyone within the group. I loved the and receiving, creating beautiful bonds and healing. Every moment flowed effortlessly. I learned much about feeling what my heart chakra is doing. I love feeling grounded with love in my heart for myself and the universe. This workshop will continue to be a tool of true healing and inspiration. Thank you, woo.

Mario D, Vancouver BC

Little Woo, you challenge, inspire and most importantly, pave the path to allow us to tread down our own evolutions and revolutions of expression. Becoming aware of the motivations behind my expressions has above all else, been a powerful experience that has been applied to all areas of my life with great results!

Student in Vancouver, BC

Evolution of Manifestation has changed my cosmology, I now feel like a co-creator of my world instead of just an entity to whom things "happen". I'm enjoying a good deal more perspective/detachment in my life, and thus I'm able to DECIDE about my reactions and choose my path instead of having knee jerk responses to things. I'm still just scratching the surface on this, but I'm super happy with the work I'm doing. For the first time in my life I feel like I am emotionally and spiritually equipped to become a parent now.

Kristen G, Vancouver BC

Little Woo is a source of great wisdom. I have spent the last 15 years of my life studying consciousness and if peace is a priority in your life then take it from me that one of the greatest choices you can make for yourself is to take a lesson from Woo. Wherever you are in your understanding of yourself and how things are Woo can help you to understand more. Her gentle way and joyous demeanor combine to make any experience with her uplifting and unforgettable. Don’t hesitate to contact me at 778 231 1368 if you’d like to speak to me directly about the immense value of Woo’s offering. As you might be able to discern – I am a huge proponent!

Clint Mitchell, Vancouver BC

I can't tell you how much I enjoyed the Evolution of Sensuality. It has helped me face my awkwardness with sharing with other people and with being honest with myself about my intensions so that I can carry that forward into my interactions with others. The work on Taboos has also helped me realize that most of my hang-ups are not my own taboos, but rather my awareness of the taboos of others and feeling that if I don't share these I am some how wrong or deviant. You have given me the push I needed to get over that hang-up and start living my life in a more open an unapologetic way. It's amazing how a small shift in thinking can so radically change one's reality. Thank you so much...

Diane, Vancouver BC

First of all, I was struck as soon as we started by how rooted and present I felt during the classes. I am a fairly "in my head" type of person, and the opportunity to anchor myself in the physical realm was both calming and exhilarating. This increased presence has stayed with me throughout the month, and I believe will continue, provided I am willing to nurture it. Having daily tasks whose only goal is pleasure was a revolutionary thought for me- for some reason, I've always bought into the idea that if you're not suffering, you're not progressing, and while some suffering is inevitable, blind devotion to the practice seems insane. Pleasure is as strong a learning tool as pain.

M.W. in Vancouver BC

It is blissful to witness the self evolve. To be guided, encouraged, mentored and nurtured. Major shifts in my life have evolved in just these 4 weeks. I am so honored and thankful for this Evolution of Expression course!

Lucia Plescia-Beamish, Vancouver BC

Little Woo has a knack for accurately assessing a student's needs. She really listens to you. Not just your words but what your vibration is saying. She has a way of meeting you exactly where you are at without any judgment. My vision for myself and my life has definitely expanded from the beginning of the course. I see things are starting to come together for me. Little Woo has helped me to shift my perception of universe/god/divinity.

J. Walker, Vancouver BC

I loved Woo's class so much that I am definitely intending to take another Manifestation series. It was a very good investment of time and I am having super concrete results. Woo's class kicked me into the next higher gear! Excellent content and course flow, and inspiring embodiment of the principles of manifestation by our teacher!

Navaro Franco, Vancouver BC

As always, wonderful and transformative. I think what I love the most about these courses is that Little Woo offers practical applications that we can use in our lives, then asks us to do them. I’ve done a lot of homework in my life, but none that has such a profound effect on how I live my life that what I have done for her class. Plus, the sharing in a group is really effective. It really concretizes the work that we’ve done, it creates community, it brings up possibilities that you may have thought of but didn’t want to share or didn’t think of and would like to work on. Most of all, though, the sharing builds loving-compassion for the people in the circle and for all, as we learn that we are not alone in our humanness. Having said that, I am most impressed at the safe container Little Woo creates for sharing quite intimate thoughts. I’ve offered bits of myself in these groups that no one else has heard and yet I never once felt compromised. mmmmmmmmahvelous!

Ocean, Vancouver BC

I really enjoyed my sensuality course with Little Woo. It allowed me to experience a lot of pleasure in non goal oriented activities and was a reminder to re-integrate childish playfulness into my life (which I tend to take too seriously). The course also reminded me how pleasurable it is to watch someone else experiencing pleasure. This reminder will encourage me to be more expressive with my own pleasure in the future; I will stop holding back any spontaneous sounds, movements, or other expressions that arise in me.

L.M. in Vancouver BC

I took Little Woo's Evolution of Sensuality Course in the fall of 2008. It helped me remove many of the blocks that prevented me from living a sensual life. More than that, it helped me feel comfortable being sensual in a group of women and men with complete self love and respect. Right after this course, I met the love of my life and we are building a life together. My experience with Little Woo played a significant part in letting me be truly open to love and romantic partnership, and that openness brought my partner into my life.

P.F., Vancouver BC

I thought the pace of the workshop was great. The challenging part was the homework, but without it the course wouldn't work. It was good to think throughout the week of the issues at hand. We were a wonderful group, caring, compassionate and I believe without judgment. We were quite open and that was very impressive. I thank you for your love and laughter and your wisdom. I am absolutely happy with your workshop and I am sure as each group brings its own special twist, the sessions will always be unique.

Deborah L, Vancouver BC

I am not certain how little woo takes such simple components and weaves them together and creates the experience that she does. All i know is that somehow within a few short weeks, I began a more loving and accepting and respectful relationship with myself as both a sensual and sexual being. i feel more open hearted and self loving and i feel comfortable in my body in a much deeper way than I ever have before. I feel ready to share life intimately with another and excited to do so. I feel very soft and comfortable being open and vulnerable, and am extremely excited to really be able to experience all that comes my way, with joy.

Peace, Vancouver BC

Through Evolution of Sensuality, I received gratitude for the magic and play in every day life. I feel, see hear, taste and touch the beauty within and all around me. It is as if that vibration of appreciation attracted beautiful things into my life. My decision to change my name, an idea which I had been playfully toying with up until now, is another example of a transformation I've had during the course. Epic Evolution somehow empowered me to honour my evolution, the joyful shift in my way of being in the world. Thank you thank you thank you, Little Woo, for your gifts to the world, for helping those around you realize their potential as magical beings. I appreciate your loving presence and guidance!

Joy, Vancouver BC

A profound return to wonder. Remembering what it once was, embracing it once again, the complexity and simplicity of everything. Fruit will never be the same. I appreciated beginning with my own beloved experiences and ending the course with your ideas of new things to try...

Lady Macri, Vancouver BC

Little Woo provided the best way to approach the teachings of a mindful life, through tickling my senses, rather than the more boring generalized "observe your life" approach. After completing the workshop I now possess all the tools needed for me to be mindful and aware. I just need to remember to use those tools.

Stas Bekman, Vancouver BC

Enlightening, enriching, expansive and affirming. Little Woo is an amazing synthesis of wisdom and creative empowerment embodied by enchanting beauty and serenity.

Jaia Dax Be, Vancouver BC

I loved it! I've been trying to organize my thoughts around sexuality for a long time. The Evolution of Sensuality has helped me to figure out who I am by looking at where I am and why I am. little woo creates a space that encourages dialogue, sharing and learning through a combination of interesting theory with fun practical exercises. I loved the experience and think differently now about a bunch of important things. Even being in little woo's presence is a sensual experience - thank you!

Mary, Vancouver BC

I found Woo to be very inspiring - not just with what she said, but by living it. In the days that followed, I would spend time going over the information covered, analyzing/absorbing it. I worked at using it in my life, not just saving it for "convenient" times. I particularly liked the concept of living in either a finite or infinite paradigm. I feel as if many puzzle pieces in my life are sliding into place...I'm seeing the bigger picture, and I now understand the basis behind some things I've always known or been aware of. My understanding has expanded and deepened...Thanks Woo 😉

Stacy S., Vancouver BC

The Evolution of Manifestation course helped to give me the clarity and confidence to leave my job and go travel. I am aided by being in transition, but the course and Woo's support enabled me to test the possibilities by taking a risk and open my mind.

P. N. Stewart, Vancouver BC

Although Woo’s course was highly recommended by some of the true “Magic” folks in my life, I was a little apprehensive that I would learn anything I didn’t already know. On the contraire, Woo is a wealth of knowledge and truly understands the laws of manifestation and energy. She pulls out all the stops and seamlessly allows the information to educate your conscientious mind. Woo never ceased to impress me with the learning and information she has and her ability to convey her knowledge in an understandable and meaningful manner.

Allan, Vancouver BC

I feel that I really learned some valuable tools to help/guide myself along on my spiritual journey/path. I felt a range of emotions over the past 3 weeks and feel like I am only beginning to understand what it all means for me but I am looking forward to exploring that. My favorite part was sharing the space with so many other wonderful people and being guided through it by someone as amazing as you Little Woo!

Andrea St. Jules, Vancouver BC

My benefit was learning how to cope with frustrating problems. When we learned about the different emotions and feelings you have when you experience problems it helped me identify them and therefore I can deal with them better.

Jillian, age 8, Vancouver BC

The tools I've learned and applied have transformed my day to day experience already in the first week. I will continue to manifest my reality and create dreams coming true on multiple fronts. Thank you Woo!

J. Saunders, Vancouver BC

Little Woo + workshop = expansion and happiness.
Re-affirming that all that I want I already have.
All that there is, is here. Everything that i am, is in me.

Lucy Small, Vancouver BC

Enlightening to a new way of thinking and being. As a spiritual being ever evolving, I would encourage anyone and everyone to look into this program.

Ms. G. Bradley, Vancouver BC

I find I'm often thinking of my vibration levels and vibration offering to all that surrounds and binds me. As well, synchronicities have become more and more apparent as I am more aware of them happening all the time in this wondrous universe.

Mark Gosling, Vancouver BC

There has been an awareness in me of laws of manifestation that has at times been forgotten or complicated by too much analyzing. What I liked about Evolution of Manifestation was the elegance of its simple formula and applications that pulled all of my tools out for review while stocking them higher.

Sobey Wing, Sunshine Coast, BC

Wonderful. Spiritual Vocabulary and life perception enriching. Very Illuminating and encouraging.

James P., Vancouver BC

We are in a world of abundance and infinite possibilities. My favorite aspects were the variety of perspectives shared and the feeling of freedom to express within a non-judgmental atmosphere. Great evenings spent, time well-shared.

Jax, Surrey BC

The workshops were perfect... stirred up dialogue, discussions and insight to subjects that were immediate in my life. The delight is also in the fact that evolving spiritually is so incredibly straightforward, simple and FUN. Bonus: meeting a community of like-minded and beautiful individuals.

Joan Pham, Vancouver BC

I have felt very moved and empowered by this course. I have seen my own developments influencing people around me as I become more solid in my understandings. This course has been incredibly powerful for me. The exercises really help ground this knowledge.

Melly, Vancouver BC

This Evolution of Manifestation course has taken many of the gifts I have received over the past several years from a variety of sources and experiences and presented them in a simple, highly effective and fun way. I feel that my participation has somehow fast-tracked my progress and growth in many areas of my life. I am more excited than ever to see the future unfold.

Erik Norgaard, Vancouver BC

I found this course timely, packed with relevant information, mind-blowing and fun. Woo, you have a natural gift for making people comfortable in this space and teaching the tools... You embody this work and the entrainment is effective!

Ivy Young, Vancouver BC

Perturbing, shifting, opening, empowering - giving me tools to create the life I want.

Bradley Saunders, Vancouver BC

Brilliant! The atmosphere is great, the tools, the whole experience... much appreciation!

Stephie P, Vancouver BC

Wisdom vibrating from Woo and the collective, reverberating through the open circle...

Cara G, Vancouver BC

Exceptional - a pleasant and powerful surprise. Practical - I can use this right away.

Christy Bell, C.S.F.C. Vancouver BC

Extremely enlightening and re-affirming many of my own beliefs. The concepts and ideas that were discussed are timeless. This is the first workshop of this kind for me and therefore such a learning experience... I'm still contemplating everything that we explored.

T. MacWilliam, Vancouver BC

I usually come to the Evolution session being mad at my partner about something that occurred before the session and walk out of each session in love.

May Chu, Vancouver BC