Music was the third language that I learned, after French (the language of love) and Cantonese (the language of kung-fu movies). 

Since every language is a map of consciousness, it is not surprising that music creates new pathways in the human brain.  It allowed me to express a depth of emotion that words could not convey.  Even for a child, music is a powerful channel for beauty, art and transcendence.  And when I was 14, it also provided a means for self-employment as I taught classical piano through the Royal Conservatory of Music program. 

With the money I earned from teaching piano, I was able to pursue a bachelor degree in film/video/screenwriting in Montreal.  Upon graduation, I moved to Vancouver with a national screenwriting award from the Academy of Canadian Cinema and Television.

While learning about the film industry in this stunningly beautiful city, I felt very compelled to explore songwriting and voice.  Soon, my mind and notebooks were filled with lyrics and song ideas. 

On an old guitar that my Dad had abandoned many years ago, I started writing acoustic-pop tunes and singing at open mics around the city.

Shortly after, I was accompanied by a talented electric guitarist and we performed at cafes and songwriter venues. Studio experimentation also followed, as I collaborated with a few Vancouver music producers on music ranging from heavy alternative rock to electronic pop.

After a long hiatus, the music is calling again... and I am happy to go exploring. 


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