April 8 at ConvergeCon 2017: How to Say NO With Absolute Love!

Honour Yourself: How to Say No with Absolute Love
with Little Woo, Founder of School of Enchantment
At ConvergeCon on Saturday April 8, 2017 at 3pm-4:10pm

It’s easy to over-extend yourself when you care about many people, events and causes. Sometimes, it’s guilt or obligation that compels you to take on more than you can juggle. Whatever the reason, over-commitment can be a stressful and exhausting cycle!

At this workshop, we’ll explore the life-changing practice of “saying no with absolute love”. These principles will help to dissolve guilt or resentment.

You’ll also learn a special method for decision-making. (It will also help you better recognize your boundaries with different people and situations)

We’ll look at where in your life this could be used immediately. Having these key skills will save you from BURNOUT and help you stay sustainable while giving generously of yourself!

About Converge Con

April 7-9, 2017
Holiday Inn Vancouver-Centre (Broadway)
711 W. Broadway @ Heather Street
Vancouver, BC Canada

Converge Con is a gathering about sexuality, relationships and activism; a place for conversations that inspire us to take action and effect change in our own communities.

This conference is for anyone interested in creating sex positive communities – LGBTQ+, allies, non-monogamists, kinky and open minded folks. Professionals such as psychologists, counselors and social workers would also find it beneficial in learning how to create sex positive spaces.

With over 30 speakers from across North America, we will cover a broad range of topics, from Compersion in Sex-Positive Communities to Transcending Shame, to Porn Literacy as Media Literacy and Honor Yourself: How to Say NO With Absolute Love.


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