An Edible Garden of Eden in the City!

Imagine having a garden of Eden in every neighbourhood where communities would learn to sow seeds together, grow together, harvest together and eat together?  Free plucking instead of free parking?   City gardens and parks containing mainly edible or medicinal plants, vegetables and fruit trees?

Well, these visions are not mere fantasy.  Though my own green thumb is green from lack of gardening experience, I have been tuning into the growing trend of communal gardens sprouting up in the urban jungle.  This is not a new concept for ancient civilizations have long explored the agricultural capacity of city centres from Egypt to Machu Picchu.  Good ideas age well and these stories of communities co-creating free food gardens remind us of old ways of’ ‘being and doing’ that revive our connection to each other and invoke appreciation for Nature’s abundance.

Here is the latest free garden project  that I heard about (from my friend Mimi):

About the Shared Gardens* in Oregon:

*A great quote from the featured video:  People often say “you must be such good people to do this”. We seem to have forgotten that we are all good people.

Inspiration to grow food no matter how small your space – this awesome article covers balcony gardening to guerilla gardening!

Five eye-opening facts from this article:

1)  50% of the world’s population lives in cities.

2)  800 million people are involved in urban agriculture world-wide and contribute to feeding urban residents.

3)  Low income urban dwellers spend between 40% and 60% of their incme on food each year.

4)  By 2015 about 26 cities in the world are expected to have a population of 10 million or more. To feed a city of this size at least 6,000 tonnes (6,600 tons) of food must be imported each day.

5)  250 million hungry people in the world live in cities.


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