An Act of Love: Preparing Your Will

In this week’s talk, I look at 3 plans you can prepare ahead of time in case of future accident, illness, disability or death.  It is an act of kindness for yourself and your loved ones to do this work when there is no crisis. You will save yourself and others much stress at a time when there will be a lot of emotions and grief.  Here is a printable summary with more details about the 3 plans!

If you are a low-income senior, there are sometimes pro bono Will preparation services available in your area. Do check for that service!

In Vancouver BC, at Access Pro Bono, trained lawyers and articling students draft and execute simple Wills, Power of Attorney and Representation Agreements for low-income seniors (ages 55+) and people with terminal illness – by appointment only. To book a Wednesday Wills Clinic appointment, please call 604-424- 9600 or email:

NOTE: Due to amount of demand and limited amount of lawyers doing this volunteer work, the wait could be several weeks for an appointment. Please read the following documents before the appointment:

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