~ Expressing Your True Spirit and Life Purpose ~


Sunday February 7, 2021 at 4pm-6pm Pacific Time

(Sundays: Feb.7 til April 25 - no class on Easter Sunday April 4)


Tuesday February 9, 2021 at 11am-1pm Pacific Time

(Tuesdays: Feb.9 til April 27- no class on Tues April 6)



Are you achieving things on the outside, yet searching for meaning on the inside?


Are you missing your joyful and creative self?


This is your soul calling you towards your deeper needs and purpose.


It feels like a stirring inside.

A restlessness that reminds you of a path not taken, a value not honored or a vision not expressed.


For a while, you may have let yourself be distracted, entertained or suppressed.


You may have been soothed by a comfortable or safe path.


Or you may have felt like a shadow of your true self and silently grieved.


But there comes a time when you cannot ignore the calling any longer.


There comes a time when you wish to restore your enthusiasm so you can show up fully for your life's work, relationships and well-being...


If you long to regain your aliveness, creativity and flow so you can express your true spirit in this lifetime...


If you feel called by these visions and deeper needs...


I invite you to join me for the Sacred Dream Program that begins next week!


In this 12-week program, you will go on a voyage of self-discovery and reclaim aspects of your spirit that have been unexpressed, left behind or stowed away.

With each stop on our itinerary, you will gather the pieces for your Sacred Dream life map - a powerful blueprint for cultivating joy, creativity and deep meaning in your work and life.

The Program has 3 levels of Healing Work


Your relationship with Self
~ Recognize your greatest strengths and motivations.
~ Work with the true source of your self-doubt or self-criticism.


Your relationship to Humanity
~ Learn how to release judgments of others yet preserve your discernment.
~ Discover how to set clear boundaries yet maintain your compassion .


Your relationship with Life and Universe
~ Cultivate a balance between the practical and the ideals in your life.
~ Develop a worldview that supports your growth and your dreams.
~ Activate your ability to meet both the sacred and the profane in this reality.



The Program has 5 Modules of Study

Module 1: Your Inner Witness

Finding Your Intrinsic Worth & Sense of Peace

~ Practice self-awareness for greater self-acceptance and transformation.

~ Become more present and confident even when you’re not speaking or doing anything.

~ Learn how to embrace your intrinsic worth while also investing in your growth.

~ Develop the “paradox mindset” to increase creativity, problem solving capacity and happiness.

Module 2: Your Survival Modes

Fostering Emotional Stability, Resilience & Self-Regulation

~ Find out what your core coping skills are when you feel stressed or threatened.

~ Learn how to de-escalate tension, knee-jerk reactions, conflicts or drama.

~ Foster emotional intelligence to reduce stress, self-regulate.

~ Respond more calmly to other people’s reactions and improve relationships.

Module 3: Your Sacred Modes

Expressing Your Soul’s Beauty & Purpose

~ Discover your soul’s core needs, values and aspirations to make fulfilling decisions

~ Learn to clearly see what is missing from your life and bring it
into your experience

~ Recognize whether something is aligned with your soul.

~ Say no with genuine conviction and say yes with genuine commitment.

Module 4: Your PhD of Compassion

Turning Your Wounds into Your Wisdom

~ Understand the key lessons of your life.

~ See why certain patterns repeat in your relationships, health, finances and career.

~ Transform painful beliefs & wounds with insight and compassion so you can heal.

~ See how your wounds & teachings determine part of your life’s purpose.

Module 5: Your Sacred Dream

Creating Your Life Map & Pillars of Purpose

~ Design a blueprint that integrates your core teachings, strengths and aspirations.

~ Use it as a guide for the decisions and changes you wish in your life.

~ Learn how to hear & trust your inner callings even if others don’t understand or support it.

~ Establish your 5 Pillars of Purpose to access your motivation and direction.




The Sacred Dream Program will run from early February til end of April.

You can join group A or group B. (Please indicate which group when registering)

Sunday Group: 4pm-6pm Pacific Time

(Sunday Feb.7 to April 25, 2021, no class on Easter Sunday Apr.4)

Tuesday Group: 11am-1pm Pacific Time

(Tuesday Feb.9 to April 27, 2021, no class on Tues Apr.6)

As a participant, you will be committed to:

~ Attending at least 9 out of the 11 sessions

~ Interacting with me and the other participants during each live zoom session

~ Doing the assignments (around 30-60 minutes per week outside of class)


You will also receive 3 bonus group coaching sessions (once a month):

~ Ask questions, get feedback on assignments & receive some laser coaching.

~ There may be training based on the group’s needs and feedback.

E.g. Boundary-Setting Class, Decision-Making Class, Creativity Class




until Wedn February 3, 2021 (11pm Pacific)


$399 CAD x 3 payments on 1st of month


$990 CAD one payment for entire program!



Sliding Scale Tuition Rate after Feb.3, 2021

$1500-1800 CAD*


*Payable in 3 installments on 1st of each month


if Sliding Scale Tuition is paid in full by Feb.7, 2021,

you'll receive a 60-minute private session valued at $250 CAD

(redeemable until December 1, 2021)


To Register for this Program

Send tuition via e-transfer
(1st installment or full payment)
~ For Canadians ~


Send tuition via Paypal
(1st installment or full payment)
~ For International or Credit Card Payments ~


Please email
to confirm which group you'd like to join
(Sunday or Tuesday Group)